The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language
Oct 14, 2022
Favourite: The 1975
Worst: Human Too

1. The 1975 - 10
[Production very good on this, just really enjoyed the progression of it with new sounds being added as it goes on. Vocal performance was fantastic to.]

2. Happiness - 8
[Very solid song, instrumental is very nice, a very chill and vibey song.]

3. Looking For Somebody (To Love) - 9
[A song that you can groove and dance to 100%, just again another really fun track with brilliant production work.]

4. Part of the Band - 8
[Another quite solid song, pretty decent. That guitar is really beautiful on this, the complexity of this is quite good as well]

5. Oh Caroline - 8
[Nice and chill nothing much else to say lol]

6. I'm In Love With You - 7
[Quite catchy, pretty good vocal performance with nice production. I can see myself getting bored of this though after a few listens]

7. All I Need To Hear - 8
[Very unique song and just a change of direction, probably was due one of these glad we got it. Executed well though]

8. Wintering - 6
[Yeh I didn't really like how this flowed lol, feel this could have been executed a lot better. Nothing special about this either, feel like every other song has something going for it, this doesn't for me]

9. Human Too - 5
[Pretty average and sort of boring track, this track just has no substance to it at all.]

10. About You - 9
[Really enjoyed that warmer production coming back again. Just a really great song, would have been perfect to end on.]

11. When We Are Together - 8
[A nice chill track to end the album on.]

Average: 7.81
Quick Comment: A really solid return from "The 1975". Nothing really new that I haven't done before in this project, didn't really me bother me the quality of the music in this project was satisfying enough for me. I mean for me anyway this was probably their best project. This for me was just a really easy, simple but yet complex at time, all though sad at times did find this sort of fund as well.

Lyrically I was pretty happy with. They were simple pretty much the entire time and they still portrayed a story to them which I found was really positive other than a couple songs towards the end. Vocal performance was really good, so impressive hearing the emotion pouring out of them. The changing in notes and rhythms with the vocals was really cool as well, certainly made the project sound more interesting and definitely got me bopping my head some more. Just the whole performance just put a smile on my face, thinking of the sunshine outside just sounded so positive.

Production for me was certainly the most impressive part on this album. I sort of talked about it on the track reactions but just the warm sound that it brung was so satisfying and beautiful. Then with that comes a sort of complex instrumental that at times has a variety of different sounds going all at once that sounded so good together. All sounded really smooth the transitions as well, the same instruments weren't on repeat either which was cool.

Overall, A very good album from "The 1975" that I would recommend to chill out to :)

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