Björk - Fossora
Oct 3, 2022
Favourite: Victimhood

1. Atopos - 9
[I play Clarinet lol. Anyway, very nice opening to the album sets it for an exciting experience]

2. Ovule - 8
[Production was pretty cool, quite a catchy little tune]

3. Mycelia - 7.5
[Didn't think i'd listen to that for 2 minutes lol]

4. Sorrowful Soil - 8
[Such beautiful vocals, took me a while to realise as well that there were no instruments on this other than the vocals. Incredible to feel as if nothing was really missing because of it.]

5. Ancestress - 9
[Such a beautiful track. The orchestral sound in the background with those beautiful vocals, you just can't go wrong.]

6. Fagurt Er Í Fjörðum - [Not Included]

7. Victimhood - 10
[Production suits the name I suppose. Feel like I'm travelling in a boat under this dark cave or something. Give this track to a child younger than 7 you definitely given them nightmares though.

8. Allow - 7.5
[Decent track, really nice instrumental but just found this too repetitive.]

9. Fungal City - 9
[Really nice feature on this, instrumental so beautiful again though.]

10. Trölla-Gabba - 8
[Quite a short but nice experience again here, just another really soothing track.]

11. Freefall - 9
[Such an interesting track again really good to chill out to.]

11. Fossora - 10
[Love the use of instruments, sounds more unique on this than usual, defo one of the best songs so far.]

12. Her Mother's House - 10
[So beautiful, really enjoyed the background vocals just so nice and calming. I honestly wouldn't complain if this went on for 20mins]

Average: 8.75
Quick Comment: No surprises here that Bjork dropped another very good album. This album from Bjork was my first ever album listen of hers, I've always heard how good she was and what she has done but never really thought about actually listening to her. Now after finishing my Bjork listen I'm glad I've given her a chance. Listening to this album I did not think this would really be Bjork at all lol, I sort of thought she would be some proper sort of pop artist but she sounds a lot more orchestral. A completely different listen to what I'm used to lol.

Production and the instrumental in general is what i enjoyed best about this album. The instrumentals even though they were mainly the same instruments over again I just still found it incredibly refreshing and just soothing for some reason. The album instrumentals for the most part is what you should be playing at those Yoga and Meditation sessions honestly. The background vocals just combining with these instruments my god it just indescribable at times, it just sounded so damn good. I mean honestly I can barely even remember what she said now writing this review. I was just so in touch with those instrumentals I couldn't concentrate on the vocals as much. It made the overall album experience for me that the lyrics were very little and the vocals were sort of faint, very well done Bjork.

Overall, A very good and calming experience Bjork has delivered in her latest Project :)

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nice review bro
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