Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage 2
May 8, 2022
Favourite: XO Tour Llif3
Worst: Pretty Mami
1. Two® - 8
[Really good production, great work done on the vocals. Lyrics can be a bit questionable at times but it's fun so I'll let it pass]

2. 444+222 - 8
[I really like the concept of this track, really creative and a fun track]

3. Sauce It Up - 8
[Another really fun track, something I defo can't relate to lol]

4. No Sleep Leak - 6
[I mean it's ok I guess, nothing really sticks out maybe production's best feature?]

5. The Way Life Goes - 10
[I really like the intention behind this with the emotion poured into it, the production work done is brilliant and a track everyone can relate to]

6. For Real - 5
[Don't really like the production switch up on this, the repetitive chorus kind of pisses me off as well.]

7. Feelings Mutual - 9
[Great track, again love the emotion that pours into this and the production is just brilliant]

8. Neon Guts - 9
[Great Pharrell verse = great track]

9. Early 20 Rager - 8
[A track defo one to get hyped to, couldn't imagine if someone like Pop Smoke when alive got on something like this]

10. UnFazed - 8
[Love this combination between Abel and Uzi didn't think it was going to work as well as it has. That chorus and production work though just makes this track]

11. Pretty Mami - 5
[I felt like this track had so much potential to be a banger but just feels unfinished, with the vocals feeling out of place and can barely understand what Uzi is saying]

12. How to Talk - 6
[Not bad, like the production but lyrically just feels a little lazy]

13. X - 7
[This is a disappointing way to end the album]

14. Malfunction - 7
[Not bad, really like the production and chorus but lyrically it can be a bit questionable at times]

15. Dark Queen - 8
[Pretty decent track]

16. XO Tour Llif3 - 10
[Perfect way to end an album]

Average: 7.625
Quick Comment: Enjoyed this album from Uzi a lot more than I expected. Going into this I didn't necessarily enjoy this style of trap rap that much and the majority of people thought this album wasn't that great. Coming out of it, almost every track I enjoyed and would be happy to listen to this album again at some point in time. The production was easily the best element for me, every track felt different and refreshing mainly due to the production. Really interesting the approach that Uzi takes with the production considering this is an album where it seems like he is trying to hide from his broken relationship and that production I guess is there to represent what he does when a relationship goes. To reflect a bit then just go party and move on very quickly. Lyrically I enjoyed the fun approach he took and I don't think there were too many tracks where the lyrics were lacking, except maybe a couple where it just felt unfinished or rushed maybe.

Overall, a really good listen to this and if you are someone like me who hasn't enjoyed this sort of trap music before giving this album a go :)

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