Joji - In Tongues
Jun 20, 2022
Favourite: Will He
Worst: Bitter Fuck

1. Will He - 8
[Really nice, soft and gentle opening track to this EP. Definitely, a track that you can chill out to, good start :)]

2. Pills - 7
[Not bad just left this track needing more. Probably just needed a bit more mainly lyrically I guess, just too repetitive I guess]

3. Demons - 6
[This just seemed a bit basic, would have liked for Joji I guess to open up a bit more and for the track to be a little longer]

4. Window - 7
[Once again feel this is a little too basic here. The production is really nice though and gives a chill vibe. Lyrically need more]

5. Bitter Fuck - 0
[Wow this is quite the downgrade. This sucked, could be one of the worst songs I've heard in a very long time.]

6. Woldstar money (interlude) - 7
[yeah not bad here, probably represents the whole EP in terms of quality I’d suppose]

Average: 5.8333
Quick Comment: I thought today I'd go back and listen to Joji's first release to sort of see where he started. I felt as if this project, for the most part, was alright I guess, It had its strong moments and weak ones. Overall though it was good to get a perspective of how Joji has progressed over the year. Production I felt was a positive for the most part. It was really chill and relaxing to listen to. A type of production that felt as if was constantly moving and progressing so really not much to complain about there. Except "Bitter Fuck" wow the mixing and production on that was absolute shit hahaha. The lyrical aspect of this I'd say was pretty easily the worst. Wasn't the lyrics really bad or anything just felt a bit basic for me. I felt as if Joji needed to express himself more, he seemed closed off for the most part. Not that he explained what the song was about, the purpose of the track and the emotion poured into the vocals were great, but just left me feeling I needed more.

Overall, not a bad EP from Joji, it definitely has a few tracks to come back to but it's interesting to see where he started off.

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Nov 4, 2022
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