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Junhao's Rating Scale 100 - Masterpiece 90- Absolutely stunning 80- I love it 70- I like it 60- It's not bad 50- It's not good 40- It's bad 30- It's trash 20- Don't waste your time 10- Near unlistenable 0- DO NOT LISTEN
apaixonado por música pop e fã das cantoras anitta e katy perry.
⋆ my name is léo, and i'm from brazil... most of my reviews are in english but i can also write in portuguese sometimes. i'm a huge miley cyrus fan, and i also appreciate a lot of artists. thanks for following me! i'm usually giving high ratings because the majority of the things i listen to are the things i do like so…
19 // he/they Please let me know asap if y'all can help me apply for a student visa and get out of this increasingly miserable country <3 100: exceptional music that makes me think too deeply it's ridiculous 90-95: great music to bop or get emotional to 80-85: solid 70-75: pretty good 60-65: lowkey good 50-55: idc 40-45: lowkey bad 30-35: pretty bad 20-25: tf is this?!? 10-15: I'll pretend I didn't hear that 0-5: um help...
I often feel my words are inadequate when it comes to the way I try to explain my thoughts and feelings about a piece of art, so I am sorry if you find yourself disappointed whenever I post on this website. i recommend anything i rate a 76 or above
21 years old, recently started with this passion, I plan to go from the most mainstream to the deepest and most recondite, but it is a matter of time. I provide ratings and not as such a review, just my feelings
music makes everything better. only albums listened from october/2020. where i review singles ----> letterboxd ---->
100 — personal favorite 90 — masterpiece 80 — stunning 70 — solid 60 — decent 50 — acceptable 40 — meh 30 — weak 20 — disappointing 10 — awful 0 — trash upcoming list : library : unlistened 2022 ambient music everyday : films :
Okay, that's how it works: I start from the following scale, then add/subtract points based on number of skips and other more personal factors. 95 and above: masterpiece 90-95: potential masterpiece 85-89: beautiful music, makes me emotional 80-84: lovely music, would still listen the whole album one year after its release 76-79: well done 70-75: decent, honest music 60-69: would listen to some songs but not the whole album again 50-59 meh meh less than 50: ew no whyyyy
I don't understand about music. Mostly rating albums i like.
My ratings are mostly based on my personal enjoyment. :) 100: Perfect / I LOVE it 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Very good 70-79: Good 60-69: Could be better... 50-59: Meh... 40-49: Bad 30-39: Very bad 0-29: 💀
Mostly riot grrrl emoshuns + textured hip-hop.
(✿^‿^) he/him
21 / North Carolina / Music Enthusiast Library is vinyl collection “Criticism can bother you, but you should be more bothered if there’s no criticism. That means you’re too safe.” - Kanye West
Ratings: 0-29: never listen to it again 30-49: forgettable 50-69: okay 70-89: really good 90-100: perfection
Welcome to my page 💕 16, Certified Music enjoyer, owner of bad opinions, CEO of shoving Porter Robinson down your throat I can’t write reviews but I try anyways. Don't overthink my ratings. I know they don't make sense. I also change them way too often so that’s cool Feel free to say hi :P if you'd like to self promo ur music, feel free! i promise ill listen if i feel like it Favorite albums:
I know nothing about music. NEW MICHAEL MUSIC IN 175 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!
Just a guy discussing his opinions on music for personal enjoyment and whatnot I'll probably be reviewing artists I want to listen to, always open to suggestions though! Ranking System 100-Perfect in every aspect 90-99-Excellent, near flawless 80-89-Great 70-79-Good 60-69-Decent/Okay 50-59-Average/Mid 40-49-Not good 30-39-Bad 20-29-Horrendous 0-19-Unlistenable Liked Albums:My favorite albums ever made/have a special connection to. Library:Albums I want to visit at some point.
if you want me to hear any album just tell me in the shoutbox any pronouns 14 yr Theres gonna be a purge to my 10s so lets see who survives singles account
If you don't like the iCarly theme song, I don't trust you
Music > movies and video games If you haven't guessed already my name is Finn and I like MF DOOM
(he/him) 90+ = Practically flawless 85-89 = Personal favorites 80-84 = Amazing 75-79 = Great 70-74 = Good 65-69 = Enjoyable 60-64 = Acceptable Below 60 = Not worth listening to Base the score off the average, but will take some liberties every now and then. Not gonna have many bad reviews because I'm not gonna listen to bad music lol.
Review seleta só do que eu gosto e só sigo quem eu realmente gosto.As reviews são sinceras e honestas, então se for isso , estão no lugar certo, caso contrário, corra daqui, bb!
My name is Thomas Lind, and I use this account to rate and review albums. I also make music under my Amazing Blizzard moniker. Feel free to listen to my stuff on digital platforms. Feel free to recommend stuff in my shoutbox. Albums I am yet to hear are in my library. in my black metal phase. My rating scale: My perfect scores: My favorite black metal albums: My singles account:
I started using this website just so I could make a list of my favorite albums, now I review other albums as well. (Most of my reviews are positive cuz I generally don't bother listening to full albums I don't like.) 100 - masterpiece, one of the best things I've ever heard 90 - really love it, fantastic 80 - great 70 - good 60 - meh 50 - not too bad 40 - bad 30 - really bad 20 - shockingly bad 10 - one of the worst things I've ever heard 0 - an insult to humankind
100 - perfect 90 - incredible 80 - great 70 - good 60 - decent 50 - mediocre
Some guy in his 20's who lives for music and is a sucker for anything psychedelic.
he/him, 17, bisexual, poc hi. i like kanye. rating works by rounding - for example, an 8/10. a very low 8 would be a 75, and a very high 8 is 84. basically to give me a bit of leeway with what i consider a 10 (95-100). my scores are gonna be high bc im only rating albums by artists i like/liked - don’t expect me to review the new yungblud album or something.
22// Using this site to catalog my thoughts and opinions as I listen to as many albums as I can! I’m open to all genres, but Rap/Hip-Hop will always hold a special place in my heart. My scores tend to lean high, as I mostly listen to projects I think I’ll enjoy. Send me some recommendations!
100: Perfect 90-99: Exceptional 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Decent 50-59: Indifferent/Average 40-49: Bad/Mediocre 30-39: Very Bad 0-29: Dumpster Fire --x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-- I listen to a lotta music... Only rating and reviewing the albums/singles of 2021 & 2022. --x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-- My Spotify:
I tend to only rate stuff i like so yeah
They/them. Mainly hip-hop listener with some dives into other genres. I write reviews sometimes. Rating scale: 100 - no skips, every track is great 90-99 - really great, nearly every song saved 80-89 - great, majority of songs saved 70-79 - good, decent amount of songs saved 60-69 - good, few songs i saved 50-59 - average, few songs i saved 40-49 - average leaning on bad 30-39 - bad but not terrible 20-29 - this is BAD 10-19 - few redeeming qualities! 0-9: nah fam
I'm Dee. I just love music and love talking about music with other people. ** = my favorite song(s) on the album 100 = Perfect 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Mid 40-49 = Below Average 30-39 = Somewhat Bad 20-29 = Very Bad 10-19 = Garbage 0-9 = The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Heard
FKA @Rater | Just ratin' Enjoyer of extremely loud and chaotic music +70 → 𝓕𝓐𝓥𝓞𝓡𝓘𝓣𝓔𝓢 🍀 18 | Male RYM → Letterboxd →
How have my opinions on almost all of the albums that I rated before changed? Sorry I only rate good albums most of the time since I don't want to listen to bad ones. (I purged my ratings because I disagreed with pretty much all of them) 100 - yes 90 - amazing 80 - good 70 - great 60 - nice 50 - ok 40 - meh 30 - bad 20 - why 10 - no 0 - not possible
98-100 Near or literally flawless 90-97 Amazing 80-89 Fantastic 70-79 Good 60-69 Alright 50-59 Mediocre 40-49 I don't like it 30-39 Trash 20-29 Fucking dumpster fire 10-19 Irredeemable 0-9 The worst music I've ever heard
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