- Run Wild Run Free
Favourite: Ten Outta Ten
Worst: Lone Wolf

1. You Can Do Anything - 8
[A nice song, you can defo vibe to]

2. Midas Touch - 8
[A really unique sounding track, something that sounded great in its entirety]

3. Ten Outta Ten - 9
[Really beautiful track, fantastic production and impossible to hate]

4. Don't Trip - 8
[Really nice production here, nothing much more to say other than just the song is such a vibe. The background vocals and vocals, in general, are really beautiful. Also, love the ... read more

 - Vinyl Days
As soon as I saw DJ Premier on this, I knew it was going to be good
 - G.O.A.T.
If you want to use a snippet of Biggie at least let Drake or someone similar have it, other than that just let the guy rest honestly.
 - Hotel Lobby
No more offset :(
 - Wraith
I mean it's not bad, not something I'm probably not going to go back to though.
 - Harry's House
Favourite: Matilda
Worst: Music For a Sushi Restaurant

1. Music For a Sushi Restaurant - 5
[A disappointing start to the album for me, firstly I feel as if that hook could have been used for some supermarket ad which is a bad sign. Secondly, this did not sound like music for a sushi restaurant]

2. Late Night Talking - 6.5
[This isn't too bad, I like the production work and the chorus isn't too bad I guess but nothing really impressed me that much]

3. Grapejuice - 7
[Don't mind this, ... read more

Considering I haven't really listened to Lupe before, after listening to this I may have to give him a proper listen soon. A really catchy song with beautiful production work. I loved some of the chimes I think that's what it was and the vocals in the background created a really nice and unique sound. The beat switch-up was nice "Nayirah" sounds really nice might even have to give her a listen as well lol.
 - self sabotage
Really interesting to listen, to music I don't really listen to that often. In the first minute or so I really like this incredible sound that is created then that crescendo turns into this fast pace moving drum and bass movement that certainly gets you going. Overall a really great listen :)
 - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Favourite: Auntie Diaries
Worst: We Cry Together

1. United in Grief - 10
[Lyrically just fantastic, production so unique and creates this wonderful experience. You can hear the emotion in his voice and the Piano at the end sets up for an insane album]

2. N95 - 9
[Damn this hits really hard, funny chorus sounds kind of like Baby Keem lol. Lyrically though this is great though]

3. Worldwide Steppers. - 10
[Really enjoy the storytelling on this, Kendrick you can hear goes really deep on this. ... read more

 - So Far So Good
Favourite: Riptide
Worst: Maradona

1. Riptide - 4
[Pretty catchy song, something you bop your head to but I mean that production work is just awful, everything other than the chorus is just pretty terrible]

2. High - 1
[This is going to be a long listen]

3. iPad - 1
[Far out, you'd think over the years there would be some sort of progression]

4. Maradona - 0
[Based on the title I had a bit of hop, instead, they seemed to disrespect Maradona thank you Chainsmokers :)]

5. Solo Mission - ... read more

 - Cooped Up
Eh I mean I got what I expected from a Post Malone song. A pretty catchy chorus with nice production work, sounding poppy with some pretty lame verses.
 - Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Favourite: Chicago Freestyle
Worst: Toosie Slide

1. Deep Pockets - 8
[Like the lyrical purpose behind this, a bit corny at times but defo an enjoyable listen]

2. When to Say When - 7
[Didn't feel that this was that deep or anything. It was like Drake was being pretty brief in what he was saying, just wasn't much of a message, nice production though]

3. Chicago Freestyle - 10
[Absoloute classic, that chorus by Giveon though]

4. Not You Too - 5
[Just found it to be a bit too long and got ... read more

 - :)
Favourite: Paranoia
Worst: nature

1. carousel - 6
[Not too bad or anything just felt for how long this track is, it was a bit repetitive and the added sounds that came at the end needed to be used earlier for me]

2. asylum - 8
[Like I mentioned when this was released, a nice track, something easy to chill to in the background]

3. charli - 7
[Enjoyed the beginning of this track and the large variety of instruments used just feel as if I need a bit more though]

4. nature - 3
[Around that ... read more

 - I know NIGO!
Favourite: Come On, Let's Go
Worst: Paper Plates

1. Lost and Found Freestyle 2019 - 8
[Really nice track this, very good way to set up the album]

2. Arya - 7
[Nice track, pretty catch I like the production work on this]

3. Punch Bowl - 8
[Decent track, once again really like the different production styles used on this track, not something I'm used to on a Pusha track]

4. Functional Addict - 4
[What on earth is Gunna doing lol]

5. Want It Bad - 4
[Man did the complete opposite of what you ... read more

 - The Heart Part 5
Kendrick never retire please I love you <3
 - Luv Is Rage 2
Favourite: XO Tour Llif3
Worst: Pretty Mami
1. Two® - 8
[Really good production, great work done on the vocals. Lyrics can be a bit questionable at times but it's fun so I'll let it pass]

2. 444+222 - 8
[I really like the concept of this track, really creative and a fun track]

3. Sauce It Up - 8
[Another really fun track, something I defo can't relate to lol]

4. No Sleep Leak - 6
[I mean it's ok I guess, nothing really sticks out maybe production's best feature?]

5. The Way Life Goes - ... read more

 - asylum
Really fantastic song, not firing shots to any of AOTY users who make music, but from what I've heard from Liz thus far has made by far the most enjoyable music for me so far from anyone on this site. Love the instrumental in its entirety, hard for me to find any faults in this just something really enjoyable.
 - Western Wind
Trying to comprehend how this was the same person who made "Call Me Maybe"
 - Come Home the Kids Miss You
Favourite: Churchill Downs
Worst: Poison

1. Talk Of The Town - [Not Included]

2. Young Harleezy - 4
[Pretty boring way to start an album]

3. I'd Do Anything To Make You Smile - 5
[The crickets are accurate. I've honestly never heard a worse beat switch as well]

4. First Class - 7
[Nice chorus, everything else is meh]

5. Dua Lipa - 7
[Production is not terrible tbf, lyrically the best I've heard so far and based on the "tracklist ratings" will probably be the best I hear. Also, ... read more

 - D.M.B.
Glad I listened to the whole track. The first three minutes or so I thought well this is decent I guess then that last and a half was something else, man.
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