AOTY 2023
Oblé Reed - Lindenave!
Aug 29, 2023

I found Oblé Reed from a single that came on during auto play. Downsize - I was impressed and kept listening. After hearing Danceparty I decided to check the album.

There’s a tonne of potential here. If you like J. Cole or his style of music / rap I would recommend Oblé. I couldn’t help but notice this during the album. This isn’t a bad thing because I’ve yet to hear artists replicate Cole this well. Maybe I can’t think of any right now. In fact I think he does Cole better than Cole on hometownhero or almost exactly like him. This just speaks to the quality I felt on first listen. This legit sounded great.

Oblé has great bars, lyrics, flows. He’s got great delivery as well to keep you listening and interested for what might come next. There is substance here and tracks often have a deeper or double meaning as well. Tracks like skincare, danceparty

I think stand out tracks were hometownhero, skincare and danceparty

The instrumentals were simple but good and catchy. I’ll definitely be listening again and maybe changing my review based on a second listen.

Features weren’t wasted. Good performances and helped break up the tracks even though Oblés performance is good enough and captivating that this album could have been done without a feature but the features here do add more. The tracks are also nice and short, they repeat the hook or lines just enough. Didn’t feel like I wanted to skip any tracks. In fact I would say the album might be too short because I wanted to hear more.

I’m definitely interested to see where he goes next. Review might change. 67 seems harsh

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