Spinning Coin - Permo
Nov 10, 2017
wow, it's very rare vocalists are so make or break for me. i was really drawn to this band via two singles in particular ("Raining on Hope St" and "Albany") and it seems whoever fronted those songs is still very much a factor on this album, however my issue lies in the other singer. silly, i know, but it feels a stark juxtaposition in terms of the albums direction. and frankly were it not an issue, this albums about an '83' in my book.

Fav Tracks: Raining on Hope Street, Money For Breakfast, Metronome River, Floating With You, Be Free, Sleepless, Starry Eyes, I Feel the Need to be an Actor

Least Fav Tracks: Tin, Money is a Drug, Magdalene, Sides, Powerful, Running With the World
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Nov 13, 2017
spot on
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