Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs
Jan 13, 2022
I’ve tried listening to this album many times over the past few years, but each time I just haven’t been able to get into it much. But I think I’m much more open-minded of a music listener now, and in anticipation of Earl’s new project, I decided to finally give it another shot and put out a review. And while I still am not as in love with this as many are, I do appreciate it and think that this is a unique and enjoyable listening experience despite its flaws for me.

Some Rap Songs is an impressive album, and I see why people adore it, but it just doesn’t hit me the way it does for some people. I do really like it, but the songs are almost indistinguishable from each other and start to blend together. The songs are also not very memorable for me, and many times they sound like snippets of something longer. And I’m not against this concept, as I love Whack World by Tierra Whack, but these almost sound like demos in a way. And I get the point of it, and I do overall like it, but I’m just not in love with it like so many people are.

However, despite my issues with the album, I do think this is a great listening experience. The instrumentals are great, and I like Earl’s more dejected and laid back delivery on these songs. It’s also a really interesting project lyrically and thematically, and I see why it connects with people. And who knows, this is definitely the kind of album that I could see myself becoming compelled to listen to more and more and I could see it growing on me over time. But as it stands now, I think this is a really impressive yet flawed album.

(The score for this is somewhere between a 75-80, I just haven’t determined which one it is yet so I’m going with the 75 initially with the understanding that this is the kind of album that will grow on me. So an 80 is probably what it will end up as.)

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