Chance The Rapper - The Big Day
Jul 28, 2019
I have an app on my phone that tells me what albums I’ve listened to the most. The Big Day is my most listened to album for July, but not because I’ve played it non stop and I love it. It’s because I tried listened 6 times but I fell asleep every time because it’s so fucking boring.

Going into this album, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was hoping it would be as good as his past projects, but that terrible Groceries
song was just one of many indicators that this wasn’t going to be good. And it wasn’t.

The album starts off with an ok track “All Day Long” which has grown on me with each listen. “Do You Remember” is my favorite song on the album. I love the chorus and Chance’s verse are great introspective moments. The song has a vibe about it that many songs have, but don’t normally work.
But with this song it just clicks. This is also the case with “We Go High”. “Eternal” has a nice instrumental and Smino does a good job, although I feel that Chance could have done better. “Hot Shower” is the one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard from Chance. The beat is so fucking boring. It’s just drums with an 808 and Chance’s performance is so cringey. I guess it gets point for being intentionally silly, but it just is not good. DaBaby’s part was cool though. “I Got You”, “Big Fish”, “5 Year Plan” and “Roo” are decent, but are a little too boring. “The Big Day” was ok until my ears got blown out on the second half. What the fuck was that? “Let’s Go On The Run”. “Zanies and Fools” and “Ballin Flossin” suck. “Handsome” is only good because of Megan and the decent instrumental. “Get A Bag” is pretty pointless and boring, although I like the sample. “Slide Around” has a nice instrumental and a decent hook, but the song in general and the Nicki Minaj feature were a missed opportunity. “Sun Come Down” is sweet but boring. I feel the same way about “Found A Good One” and “Town On The Hill”.

The Big Day is a huge disappointment. This album feels like he wasn’t inspired and didn’t wanna make an album but he felt like he had to. I don’t even really know what specifically is off, it just is overall. The production is decent, but it never really wows me. Chance’s performances range from pretty good to downright garbage on this album, which there is definitely more of. There are also way too many features that didn’t need to be there (Nicki Minaj’s TWO features). There just isn’t much on this album that really stands out. There are some enjoyable songs which I like, but there are also a few eyerollers. Mostly, the songs are listenable, but just not very memorable. This album is also ridiculously long. Overall, this album is uninspired, uninteresting, and ultimately pointless.

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