Migos - Culture III
Jun 11, 2021
This was such an infuriatingly boring listen.

I’ve liked Migos in the past, specifically Culture, but even Culture 2 to an extent. Yeah, Culture 2 was ridiculously long, and it completely threw away the shorter and concise project that Culture was for a long and bloated tracklist that didn't need to be that long, but there were some great highlights on that album that made it a somewhat decent record. But I was worried about what they would do next, especially with as many boring singles that they released post-Culture 2. And unfortunately, this album feels like Culture 2 but with less highlights and less features to break up the monotony.

This album isn’t even terrible, and I think there was a decent album in here somewhere, but did this album need to be this long? An hour and 15 minutes is insane, especially when the songs don’t vary that much and are all super long. Like, why are there so many 5 minute songs, even when there’s not even a feature or anything? It’s like ever since Takeoff was left off Bad and Boujee, Migos always have to work all 3 members in a song, have the hook go 3 times, and sometimes even have a feature. It’s incredibly formulaic, which leaves the album to be mostly filler and forgettable. The production was the highlight probably, but even that wasn’t great, and the features weren’t even that good here. There were some good songs, like the opening track and the track with Pop Smoke (mostly because it was something different), but overall this was just a boring ass album that seemed like it would never end.
Jun 13, 2021
How u gonna give this a lower score than Culture 2 smh
Jun 13, 2021
@realrealweasel Culture 2 had more highlights for me. Stir Fry is like my fav Migos song lol
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