Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez, See Your Future
Mar 25, 2022
While “Melt My Eyez See Your Future” doesn’t quite hit the level of TA13OO for me, it’s still a great artistic statement and a great display of how versatile and talented Denzel Curry is.

Denzel Curry has been one of my favorite and one of the most exciting voices in rap for a while now. "Imperial", "Unlocked", and especially "TA13OO" are some of my favorite rap albums of the last 10 years, and even "ZUU" was a really solid release. He also has some of my favorite singles of the last 10 years as well, with songs such as "Ultimate", "ULT", and "Black Balloons" to name a few. I was already excited to see what he would do going forward, but the singles "Walkin" and "Zatoichi" had me even more excited for this album and its direction. And while I liked "Troubles", it was my least favorite of the three singles. Nevertheless, I was still so ready for this, and with it finally here I am very impressed.

This album may not be flawless, but it still is quite a great achievment for Denzel. First off, the production is absoluetly perfect and is probably the best production he has ever been on. The production goes from classic boom-bap to more modern trap flavored production effortlessly, and there are even some more left-field production choices as well. It is all very cohesive sounding throughout, and it sets a great foundation for Denzel. And over it, Denzel comes through with some great flows and some of his most mature and best written verses. He really is in top form here and it shows. The flow of the tracklist and the transitions between songs are great as well, and I really like how this album sounds sonically. It is very chill and soothing, and it is executed really well.

What holds this back for me a little bit is that there aren't as many highlights that absolutely blow me away like TA13OO. However, the highlights here are amongst his best ever, and there aren't any songs here that I don't really like. Also, sometimes the hooks don't necesarrily work all the way, and there are a few times where his performance can come off a little awkward. Lastly, sometimes it feels like the thematic concept and appraoch is half baked and isn't fully realized at times. Nevertheless, for the most part he absolutely kills this album from a writing and performance standpoint, and the features he bring on all do as well, even if the JID verse was way too short.

Overall, I’m just very impressed with this album and i think it's a great release from Denzel. I'm impressed with how he was able to do something completely different this time around, and it only goes to show how good he really is and has me excited for whatever he decides to do next.

Fav Tracks: Melt Session #1, Walkin, Worst Comes To Worst, John Wayne, The Last, Mental, Troubles, Ain’t No Way, Angelz, The Smell of Death, Sanjuro, Zatoichi, The Ills

Least Fav Tracks: X-Wing (I like it but it's the weakest for me)

Note: This album is between a 8.5-9/10 for me, but for now I'm going to go with the lower end of that. However, I can see this growing on me even more with more listens, so I may bump it up to a 90 with time.

Track Ratings
1Melt Session #1 / 95
2Walkin / 95
3Worst Comes To Worst / 90
4John Wayne / 85
5The Last / 85
6Mental / 90
7Troubles / 85
8Ain't No Way / 90
9X-Wing / 85
10Angelz / 85
11The Smell Of Death / 80
12Sanjuro / 95
13Zatoichi / 95
14The Ills / 85
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