Belly - See You Next Wednesday
Aug 31, 2021
This is actually pretty decent and enjoyable, but Belly just leaves so much to be desired as a rapper that this ends up being kinda carried by the production and the features.

The Weeknd is one of my favorite artists, but the artists signed to his label just don’t really impress me and I wish I liked them more. Belly doesn’t impress me, Black Atlass hasn’t impressed me all that much, and NAV is…NAV. The only artist on XO that I really liked was 88GLAM, and now they aren’t even on XO anymore. So as a result, I don’t really look out for music from anyone on XO. I usually wouldn’t have much interest in a Belly album, but I saw the feature list for this and was intrigued and confused. What is so special about Belly that he can have this stacked of a feature list? I didn’t get it, and after listening I still don’t really get it, even if this is pretty solid.

See You Next Wednesday is a decent album with some solid highlights, but Belly is just not an interesting rapper to me. The production on here is great, and there are some great features, but I just wish it was utilized better because Belly doesn’t really have enough presence to properly capitalize on it. That’s not to say Belly is a bad rapper, because he’s certainly not, and there are moments where he does come through with some good performances, but too often he just blends into the background and is really average. And while there are some really good highlights that I can see myself returning to, I just don’t see myself returning to this full album. It’s still a decent album, but just not all that captivating at the end of the day.
Aug 31, 2021
Love this review!! :)
Sep 1, 2021
Didn't you say that the featus desn't make sense? Then why a few sentences later you also say that the features are great? So, the features are great but present little to no chemistry between Benny and between themselves.
Sep 1, 2021
Also, you make some affirmations multiple times but whith different words.
Sep 1, 2021
No I’m saying that I’m not sure why Belly is getting these big name features, not that they’re bad. The features are one of the best parts about the record for me. @AaronLionheart
Sep 1, 2021
That's so ridiculous it makes me laugh really hard.
Sep 1, 2021
I don’t get how it’s ridiculous. I don’t think Belly is necessarily worthy of the features because they’re really good. @AaronLionheart
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