Don Toliver - Life Of A Don
Oct 8, 2021 (updated Oct 8, 2021)
Life Of A Don is definitely a little bit disappointing considering just how much I liked his last record and how much potential I think he has, but I still really enjoy it nonetheless. I just wish he went a little further with it, as it feels too similar to what he’s made before.

Ever since his stellar feature on Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD, I have been very excited for Don Toliver’s career. Since then, he has been one of my favorite new voices in trap, as he has a voice and presence that’s really refreshing. His production is also usually pretty great as well. And while Heaven Or Hell wasn’t quite Don Toliver’s classic, or his “Rodeo”, I still thought it was very enjoyable and had some great tracks on there. But going forward, I was hoping he would continue to evolve and grow as an artist and continue to expand his sound. So when I heard the singles for this album, I was a little disappointed. I liked both of them, but both felt like they were a little stagnant, and it didn’t feel like there was much artistic progression. I was hoping the album wouldn’t be the same, and while the album does still kinda feel like a stagnation artistically, I just love this sound so much that I still really enjoy it.

While this album isn’t the great trap record I was hoping it could be, it still is a very solid trap project with some great highlights and solid production throughout. Don Toliver sounds great throughout too, and he comes through with some catchy flows and melodies. There are some kinda boring tracks however, and I think the album could have used some more features too. I also think the album could have been a few songs shorter, and the lack of progression artistically does kinda hold this back a little. But regardless of these flaws, this is still just a really solid trap project that isn’t trying to be anything more than that. And while that might be disappointing due to his immense talent and potential, it doesn’t make this any less enjoyable for me.

Fav Tracks: XSCAPE, 5X, Way Bigger, Flocky Flocky, What U Need, Double Standards, Swangin’ On Westheimer, 2AM, Crossfaded, Bogus

Least Fav Tracks: Smoke
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Oct 10, 2021
I am in the same exact boat as you! The album isn't bad but I loved Heaven Or Hell and just had really relly high hopes.
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