Apr 30, 2021
DJ Khaled makes albums so people can play it, and you actually hear it. You know, drive in your car, you hear another car...Nah fuck the copypasta this album is horrible.

I never enjoy DJ Khaled albums, but it’s usually kinda interesting to hear the weird combination of artists on tracks, even if the songs are mediocre. And usually, there are some solid highlights in the midst of his bloated albums. But his last album was basically useless, and this album follows in its footsteps and honestly gets worse.

Between the generic production, shitty mixing, and phoned in features that clearly didn’t give a fuck about this, what’s not to hate? There isn’t really a single song I enjoy on here, but there are numerous terrible or just straight laughable tracks. Everyone phoned it in, and I don’t think there’s a single performance on here that I would say was impressive. However I can highlight multiple that were either laughably bad or just mediocre and phoned in, such as Cardi B’s offbeat performance, H.E.R’s awful auto-tuned performance, & whatever tf Justin Bieber was doing. DJ Khaled’s tags and occasional adlibs also get old very quick. Is this the worst thing I’ve ever heard? No, but there isn’t a single thing about this that’s interesting outside of the strange collaborations, which none of them are good anyway so once you’ve heard them all interest is gone. And since the whole Tyler drama, I don’t find this album or DJ Khaled particularly likable anymore, so I just don’t really give a fuck about this.
Apr 30, 2021
Fuck the copypasta
Apr 30, 2021
@MattsReviews this album made me so mad I had to just rant😤
Apr 30, 2021
Justin Bieber Freedom review type beat
May 1, 2021
You didn't like EVERY CHANCE I GET or I DID IT? I liked those a lot. POPSTAR was pretty good too. Most of the rest were just alright imo (with a few being utter trash). But I too am sick of DJ Khaled. His "deep" comments and repetitive adlibs are so aggravating. Also, the vocal mixing was TERRIBLE on like half of the project (I refuse to call it an album because... no... just no.) I'm convinced that they didn't play Cardi B that (awful, monotonous) beat and added the beat after. She rarely has that off-beat style (if ever) and there is almost no way that it was intentional on her part at least. I definitely enjoyed the project a bit more than you, but only because of a few standout tracks that I really like. Overall, though I find a few tracks to slap hard, the project isn't good by any means and DJ Khaled should never make another album again lmao
May 1, 2021
@zachbeer I mostly agree with you, especially on the mixing side. I didn’t really like EVERY CHANCE I GET, mostly because I didn’t love the beat and nothing about the song really stood out. If I had to chose two favorite tracks it would probably be “I DID IT” and “POPSTAR” though, even if I don’t love them.
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