MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
Jun 21, 2021
“Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” is not a perfect album, and there are some notable flaws, but I think it manages to overcome them with some great production and songwriting.

This was my introduction to Marina, and I had no idea what this album was going to be when I pressed play. I hadn’t heard any of the singles, and I hadn’t really heard of Marina before. Also, while the user score was good, it wasn’t great and I heard some mixed things, so I was just listening to this out of curiosity. But I’m actually really impressed with this and glad I listened, because this is for sure one of my favorite electropop records so far this year.

With many of the political themes and topics that are explored throughout this album, it would have been very easy for these songs to come off preachy or corny. And while sometimes the lyrics, while well-intentioned, come off a little corny and could have been subtler at times, I think she executes this style pretty well. There are a few moments where I like the idea of the song or what she was trying to do more than the actual execution though, but even these moments aren’t bad or anything. There are some other flaws though, as I think the first half is generally stronger, and I think the more upbeat tracks tend to be a little better than the ballads on here. But these flaws don’t drastically affect the album’s enjoyability, as I still think it’s a pretty great album and one of the best of the year so far.
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