Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
Sep 3, 2021
It’s so cool to see an album this universally loved and appreciated, and it’s definitely well deserved for Little Simz because this album is absolutely fantastic.

On “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”, Little Simz comes through with one of the most cinematic and grand rap albums I’ve ever heard with some great performances from Simz and some insane production. No joke, the production on here is some of the best I’ve ever heard. It’s sometimes grand and epic, sometimes smooth and laid-back, and it covers so much ground stylistically while still managing to be cohesive and fit together. And this production is a great foundation for Little Simz, whose songwriting is on another level here as she pens some outstanding tracks and verses. She also sounds amazing on here and has some great performances, and seamlessly goes from more laid back and introspective rap tracks to more aggressive ones, to smooth R&B tracks to even a more synth-pop track, and she is phenomenal at all of it.

But while I am ridiculously impressed by this album, I do have a few minor issues. While I do like the interludes on this album, a few of them kinda feel unnecessary. I also think the track “Fear No Man”, while a solid song, is also a little unnecessary, as it covers the same ground of the previous song and isn’t as good in my opinion. But nevertheless, these minor issues don’t take away from how much I love this album.

While I don’t think this album is perfect, it’s comes ridiculously close and leaves me insanely impressed. I’m consistently blown away by the production on this album, and on repeat listens I’ve been even more impressed by what Little Simz was able to do here. This really feels like a career-defining moment for Little Simz, and I’m really glad that this album is getting the recognition it deserves.

Fav Tracks: Introvert, Woman, Two Worlds Apart, I Love You, I Hate You, Little Q, Pt. 2, Speed, Standing Ovation, I See You, Rolling Stone, Protect My Energy, Point and Kill, How Did You Get Here, Miss Understood

Least Fav Tracks: Fear No Man
Track Ratings
1Introvert / 100
6Little Q, Pt. 2 / 100
1 Comment
Sep 3, 2021
A truly masterpiece!!!❤
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