KSI - All Over the Place
Jul 16, 2021
All Over The Place lives up to its title.

I had heard of KSI as a YouTuber, but I didn’t actually watch his videos and didn’t really know who he was until he started releasing music. When he released “Dissimulation” I was intrigued, as I saw some notable features and wondered what the YouTuber turned musician would sound like. And it was about what I expected it would be: a mediocre album with generic production, some boring performances from KSI, and phoned-in features. Now it wasn’t the worst thing I had ever heard or anything, but it was just painfully mediocre. So it’s safe to say I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to more KSI music in the future, but I heard a few of the singles for this album…and well I was intrigued again. I didn’t love them or anything, but the more pop direction was something I could possibly see working. So with the album finally here, did it work?

Well, I will say that this album is better than his last project, but I honestly don’t see that much improvement and would have preferred if he took more time to find his sound. Because while I do actually prefer the more generic pop-leaning sound from him over his rap stuff, it still isn’t all that compelling and is really generic and forgettable. The production isn’t anything crazy, but it is actually pretty decent and probably the standout, but there just isn’t much here honestly. From what I’ve heard, KSI Is just not a very good rapper or artist, and while there may be potential, this album doesn’t give me much hope for him to make anything more than just average and generic going forward.
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