Cordae - From a Bird's Eye View
Jan 14, 2022
Even though From A Bird Eye’s View is held back sometimes by a few flaws and doesn’t necessarily improve upon The Lost Boy, it’s still an enjoyable project due to Cordae’s talent, the solid production and the decent features.

Cordae is someone who I thought had a lot of talent and potential, but over the last few years I’ve been getting less and less excited. The more of his music I hear, the more corny he sounds to me, and I was worried that he could fall down the trap of making the same music over and over without evolving. I also recently revisited The Lost Boy which I originally gave an 8 back in 2019, and it has definitely grown off me a little bit. It’s still like a 7-7.5, but it definitely didn’t age super well. So coming into this, I was really hoping that this would improve upon The Lost Boy, but unfortunately it’s just more of the same. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing all things considered, but it’s definitely disappointing.

From A Bird Eye’s View is a solid album, and Cordae has talent and potential as a rapper and artist, but this album is just a little too generic and basic for it to really stand out. I get a lot of J. Cole vibes from this, and with that comes the sometimes cringe lyrics and the slight corniness. He sometimes can also sound awkward on some of the production, like the song “Today” with Gunna for example, and the Tourette’s bar on “Chronicles” is one of the worst I’ve heard in a while. But despite the flaws, I do enjoy this album. The production, while not amazing, is pretty solid and Cordae does have enough talent and youthful charisma to make this enjoyable. The features, while also not amazing, aren’t bad either and do add to the album. I also really like the tracks “Sinister” and “Jean-Michel”, and it’s these songs that continue to give me hope for his future, even if I’m not as excited as I once was. Because in the context of his career, this project just feels like a stagnation, which is disappointing after a few years.

Fav Tracks: Jean-Michel, C Carter, Sinister, Champagne Glasses, Westlake High

Least Fav Tracks: Today

Track Ratings
9Sinister / 85
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