Pop Smoke - Faith
Jul 16, 2021
I’m actually pretty impressed with this posthumous release, as it celebrates Pop Smoke without being a complete money grab like some other posthumous releases in past years, and ends up being my favorite Pop Smoke record in the process.

I liked a lot of Pop Smoke’s bigger tracks, but I unfortunately never loved any of his projects. I thought the first posthumous release “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon” was a pretty enjoyable album though, and was probably his best release up until that point, but it did have a lot of filler and wasn’t as good as I hoped it could have been. And I was worried going into this album, as I was hoping that the posthumous material would still be quality and not only be released as a money grab. And for the most part, I think this album avoids this and is pretty well-executed.

Maybe it’s because I was never a huge Pop Smoke fan, and maybe it’s because my expectations weren’t all that high, but I think this is really good. Yeah this album might be a little long, there might be a lot of features, and Pop Smoke may not be on here as much as I’d like, but this album is still really good. The production is absolutely fantastic throughout, the Pop Smoke performances aren’t complete throwaways, and most of the features are pretty solid. There are also a lot of highlights on here that I think are some of his best tracks to date, and I like the variety of this album. I do prefer the harder tracks over the more melodic tracks though, and while I think the album started pretty strong, the album does kinda drag towards the end. If this was a few songs shorter this would have been amongst my favorite albums of the year, but even as it this is one of the best rap albums so far this year, and a solid celebration of Pop Smoke’s talent and potential.
Track Ratings
4Manslaughter / 80
9Beat The Speaker / 75
Jul 16, 2021
ironic bc i thought this was a cashgrab as soon as they played the dior beat over his momma's speech in the intro. nice review tho, i respect it
Jul 16, 2021
Yes I agree some of his best tracks are on the record and yes the production is very good at most but there are 4 or 5 songs that let the whole album down
Jul 16, 2021
@tyronethedon it's the welcome to the party beat not dior
Jul 17, 2021
I mean you can like it but this definitely IS a complete money grab.
6d ago
@toasterqueen12 and it might be...but it didn't feel as exploitative as some of X's posthumous stuff was if that makes sense
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