Gunna - DS4EVER
Jan 12, 2022
Unsurprisingly, Gunna put out exactly what I expected with DS4EVER, which means another decent but ultimately pretty boring and not all that captivating album with some decent features and production.

I know many people tend to dislike Gunna’s music, but I usually don’t think that his music is all that bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not very good either, but he tends to have some solid production and features, so it’s at least decent a lot of the time. Coming into this album, I wasn’t excited or anything, but I was hopeful that maybe he could deliver something more than decent. And while he doesn’t, this still isn’t all that bad and is basically just more of the same.

While DS4EVER is a decent trap album with some solid tracks, I end up just not really caring about it as a whole. The production and the features are the highlight here, but even those aren’t like blowing me away and could have been better. And while Gunna himself does usually flow pretty well over these songs, he is just not interesting enough of a rapper to make this super captivating. The album is also just too long and the songs are too samey and boring for this to really stick with me. I do mostly like the songs here though, and there isn’t anything that I find terrible, but I just wish it was doing more.

Fav Tracks: pushin P, mop, thought I was playing, how you did that, south to west, too easy remix

Least Fav Tracks: life of sin, die alone

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