AOTY 2021
Adele - 30
Nov 19, 2021
30 is decidedly not as poppy as some of her most popular music has been, and as a result it ends up being a really interesting album and a solid artistic statement from Adele.

While Adele’s music was a big part of my childhood, I have never heard a full project from her before. Obviously I know the big singles, and I have loved almost all of her big singles, but I’ve never viewed her as an album artist. So going into this, I was expecting some outstanding tracks, but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the whole album. Instead, I really enjoy the album as a whole, but there aren’t as many potential smash hits as I was expecting and hoping for.

While 30 may not have the amount of potential hits that I was expecting, I actually appreciate the artistry shown here. I mean, there are 5 songs over 6 minutes, and even the song with witting from Max Martin has this big buildup to a chorus that eventually doesn’t drop in a conventional way. Granted, it still has a whistle line that is a little too poppy for me, but it still didn’t go the route I was expecting it to. Instead, we get a lot of really interesting songs, and even some interesting production from people such as Ludwig Goransson and Inflo. And the result is a really enjoyable album with obviously great vocals from Adele and solid songwriting and production. And even if it sometimes can be a little boring and samey, I still get a lot from this album. It doesn’t feel like she’s trying to have hits here, and I really appreciate that and hope that this approach continues with whatever she decides to do next.

Fav Tracks: Strangers By Nature, Easy On Me, My Little Love, Cry Your Heart Out, Oh My God, Hold On, To Be Loved, Love Is A Game

Least Fav Tracks: All Night Parking
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