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Mar 18, 2022 (updated Jul 4, 2022)
I understand why people are underwhelmed by this, as I don’t quite think it reaches its full potential either, but for me “CRASH” is still a great pop album that shows how talented Charli XCX is and how she doesn’t necessarily need to be experimental to make great pop music.

Charli XCX is an artist whose music I have really enjoyed in the past, but I have never loved her music as much as other people. I also hadn’t really listened to her discography though. I had heard her big singles and her projects Charli and How I’m Feeling Now, and I also really enjoyed the singles for this album. Because of this, I decided to go through her discography the week leading up to this release. And while I didn’t necessarily love the more basic pop on her first two albums, I really enjoyed her more experimental hyperpop stuff. I was really excited for this album, especially considering how much I did enjoy the singles. And with it here I do really like it, but it definitely could have been even better and I’m still waiting for the Charli album that absolutely blows me away.

CRASH is a really solid pop album, but from someone like Charli XCX that is a little disappointing. In theory, CRASH could have been a fantastic album for me. I really like the more straight forward pop direction, and I like how she pays homage to classic pop sounds. This is basically her making music in a similar lane as her first two projects, but with better production and songwriting after more experience. But ultimately while I do enjoy this album a lot, moving away from the more experimental lane kinda causes this to end up being a little bland personality wise. It has some great highlights for me, and I think this had the potential to be my favorite Charli album by a lot, but it just didn’t do enough for me. I don’t think she has to necessarily make experimental hyperpop, but this album did ultimately feel a little safe for her, and I think she could have done more with this sound while still keeping some mainstream appeal for the label. But nevertheless, there are some great things going on here. I really enjoy the production, and Charli does write some great pop songs. I like every song here, and there are also a few songs here that I think are fantastic and amongst my favorite songs of hers. So despite my flaws and my slight disappointment, I do still think this is a really good album and is up there with my favorite Charli XCX projects. But in the future and with her newfound freedom from her label, I’m still hoping and looking for her to really blow me away with a project.

Edit: this has grown on me even more as time has gone on. 80 to 85.

Track Ratings
1Crash / 85
2New Shapes / 100
3Good Ones / 90
4Constant Repeat / 90
5Beg For You / 90
6Move Me / 95
7Baby / 85
8Lightning / 85
9Every Rule / 80
10Yuck / 85
11Used To Know Me / 80
12Twice / 80
Excelent review!
@musicgerson Thanks!
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