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mfs have kids and be like nba youngboy my fav rapper but wont step up N B A good father for their YOUNGBOY🤷🏽💯🏆
 - Traumazine
Megan Thee Stallion is in search of affirmations on Traumazine

A few days ago, when I heard Megan Thee Stallion’s LA Leakers freestyle on Power 106 Los Angeles it came nearly three years since her original one back in 2019. It’s a testament to her staying power in an industry where the average rap career only last about 3-5 years. The 27-year-old from the South Park neighborhood of Houston Texas has carved out her place as one of the better rappers in the game today. With a sassy ... read more

 - Traumazine

This album was so whatever. I had fun listening too it because me and my friend Zander where just being stupid the whole time and making sleeping jokes about how boring Megan's music was. I told him that Megan was dropping and he was like "Oh Landon we have to listen too this album together" so we did. We listened too 18 tracks that mostly sound the same. This project just screams filler, the songs literally exist to exists, Megan has made these same exact songs ... read more

Self-explanatory: These are the 50 albums released in 2021 (That I've heard), that I enjoyed the most! While Mixtapes and Live albums will be given the ok, no EPs, Compilations or Reissues will. Even ...
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Albums that permanently changed AOTY users music tastes, whether it introduced them to new genres or completely switched up their taste. All in all, I reached out to the best part of 100 people so ...
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