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Gottlieb - I Am This Place
Pretty intriguing subject matter in these songs but honestly the songwriting and actual lyricism is pretty weak. If they harness both their knack for provocative political subject matter and fun hardcore energy, and take it to the next level in the actual writing, this band could be really sick. I'm excited to see what they do.

Fav song on the EP is "Man Up/Down"

The Second Half Walters - Prescience
Good ideas done messy. Nearly every time there's a cool element, melody, or layer that I wanna sink my teeth into it feels like the execution can't keep up with the actual ambition. Tempo changes, keyboard layers, vocal effects, almost all fail to stick the landing. Which is sad, because I truly think this band could be doing something phenomenal. But for now, at least in my mind, I kinda think of this EP like it's the second half of the 2022 demo.

Favorite song is; "The Prescience of ... read more

The Jesus Lizard - Down
Down is the fourth full length record from Texas' The Jesus Lizard. And it's a good new addition to a strong catalog. It's admittedly more of the same southern rock inspired noise rock that the band has already been dominating. But it's still good at doing it.

What it's not that great at is being punctual and potent with it's ideas. Many songs feel like they're just meandering extensions of other songs. And it causes some stretches of songs to feel kinda samey, or just lack a strong identity ... read more

Doja Cat - Scarlet
If you ignore all the hype for this album, all the stuff about Doja Cat making a "hardcore" album, all the circulating expectations about what this album is supposed to be; it's honestly pretty good.

Scarlet sees Doja Cat exploring the things she typically does best. While dropping some of the big pop energy nonsense from her previous effort on Planet Her. Stylistically, we see her leaning into the west coast rap beats harder than ever. And I think it pays off well for her, as her ... read more

Yeat - AftërLyfe
It's long. Too long. And that's a shame. Because the actual beats on this album are rich and dark, and full of woozy synthesizers that go well with the sloppy vocal deliveries.

Next time a Yeat fan tells me to listen to his new hour plus long project, I'm just gonna say no.

Favorite songs were; "Nun id change" and "Shmunk"


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Lmfao yes I'm constantly wondering whether I overrated some projects from this year and then I relisten to it and I'm like "oh no it really is just that good damn" so the year-end is gonna be fun

And don't worry about listening to my recs too much, there's enough cool shit out there to add to a queue for ten lifetimes so I totally get it. I'm glad that you rate everything though, it makes it easier to know I'm not gonna embarrass myself recommending something you already heard and just didn't like enough to bother rating lol
Thanks lol, glad you don't think I'm clueless. I try to keep a toe in the door of most genres, I just know a lot of the time I can be pretty surface-level with it so I'm excited to listen to those two lesser-known recs you gave me. Idk if you obsessively rate EVERYTHING you listen to like I do so it's possible you've already heard either of them, but *deep breath* Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos by Satanicpornocultshop and the self-titled album by Nuclear Daisies are both pretty great (imo). They're not punk records of course, but man you just had all the punk bases covered, plus you've got a pretty cool variety of listens and some super based ratings soooo

Oh yeah also I saw your comment about R.E.M but I wouldn't worry, seems like I'm a violent majority in my dislike. They've definitely got a super signature sound to them that works for basically everyone else and even the great singles and hits get to a mega-hater like me so hopefully you feel at least mildly positive about Murmur
Hello V thank you for following!!! Your bio says to talk about punk music but I don't know much about punk at all do you have any recs?
Thx for the follow back :)
I love the new pfp
Hey! I am deciding to do my first ever community list! The question is: What is a memory tied to a specific album? It can be something broad like "I listened to this album alot in high school" or a very specific memory attached to the album or song. Thanks!
Ah see that's where we differ, I'm reading the ratings as "6.9" vs "7.1" and honestly I hadn't heard of Samiam before and the only reason I checked out the album was because I saw them on Pure Noise Records YouTube channel and if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have listened to it.


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Talk to me about punk music

My ratings are all based off my personal enjoyment of the music listening experience, as an album front-to-back. Ratings are frequently updated upon re-listens

Genuinely, let's be friends 🤍 I don't bite

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