- Crab In Honey
Another Pablo Honey (Creep) situation, with the second song - Source, with its great animated music video by Felix Colgrave - standing far above the rest. However, all of the tracks have such muddy production that I had to take points away for this alone.
 - Pablo Honey
If Creep makes you remember this album, the remainder will make you forget it.
 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The more I revisit this as far as critical listening, the more it is apparent how strongly Sgt. Pepper contends for the title of 'Most Perfect Album Ever Made'. The way I rate albums is by giving each song a score from 0-10, then scaling the average out of 100. I not only consider the merits of the individual track, but also how it functions as part of the whole - how it is placed, what it does to the energy of the album etc.

I try to go through albums multiple times in this fashion, using ... read more

 -  Honestly, Nevermind
I put more effort into listening to this shit than Drake put into recording it.
 - Let It Bleed
Great opener, great closer, the rest is mixed but mostly excellent.
 - Rubber Soul
Few mention the 12 track U.S. release, which is actually more cohesive than the U.K. version. However, I find the decision to remove Nowhere Man misguided - I mean, why keep Run For Your Life of all things? While Help!'s I've Just Seen A Face is better than Drive My Car as an opener, It's Only Love should've stayed on that prior record. Overall, I prefer the British flavor of Rubber Soul, which is good because it is by far the most widely available today.
 - Surf's Up
Yes, it is inconsistent, but a couple of songs - Disney Girls and the titular closer - are among the best in The Beach Boys' discography.
 - No Shape

No Shape bursts with vibrant eccentricity, while remaining grounded in emotion.

 - The Turning Wheel
Cosmic, yet intimate. Nostalgia for those who once skipped through eternity.
 - Vinyl Days
Indulgent, but solid overall.
 - Preacher's Daughter
She tried so hard and got so far
But in the end, she's just a preacher's daughter

Cain's lackluster vocals do not help these bloated and oversaturated tracks; nor does the tasteless reverb aid her vocals. I also don't get the same authenticity from Cain as from, say, Lingua Ignota.

 - Marchita
It is not only Silvana, but everything in her world that sings through this album with character.
 - Róisín Machine
Murphy has cobbled together her tracks out of barely compatible spare parts. It is hard to tell whether Róisín Machine is a dancer, or just malfunctioning.
Seems Charli XCX is an Adam Sandler type artist: we saw in 2019 that she was capable of uncut gems, but she'd mostly rather make something half assed and mediocre.
Dynamic, rich, dark, transcendent. An ambitious album mastered with God fearing discipline.
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