Jan 27, 2021
Lyicism B-
Beats/production B-
Flows/Delivery C+
Content B+
Creativity C
Replay Value C

I'm aware that CJ Fly has been around for a bit now but for whatever reason I've never actually listened to him before. I'm glad I decided to because there's actually some pretty decent tracks in here.
This is a very autobiographical album. You really get a sense of who he is by the time you're finished the 13 track album. I really enjoyed the track "Show You", for example. It's a nice, sunny, upbeat track where he describes all the places in New York that he's lived. Although he's also talking about the struggles of being discriminated against and robbed, he oddly enough seems to look back on these things almost positively. It's as if he's saying his experiences (good or bad) still made him into who he is. I love this concept. Things get a little more real on the track "Strugglin" where he obviously gets a little more serious about his rough upbringing. "So Much For The Land Of Opportunity", he harmonizes. The beat is eerie and upbeat at the same time. It works very well for this particular track idea. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear Conway The Machine pop up on the track "City We From". I feel like I'm in danger every time I hear this guy's haunting ryhme style and flows, especially over this dark beat.
While I like this album, there are quite a bit a lulls between the tracks I like a lot. There's nothing really bad but there's so much plain and average rapping. The production is often very traditional as well. There's not a whole lot here for innovation or raising the bar.
Overall I think this is a solid album with a few really good highlights. I reccomend this album to anyone who doesn't mind predictable, traditional hip hop.
Best Tracks #ShowYou #CityWeFrom #Strugglin #Jooks
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