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Joyner Lucas - ADHD
Jan 27, 2021
1.  Screening Evaluation (Skit)
As somebody with ADHD myself, this skit takes itself a little too seriously... it's a bit farfetched. The two actors don't sound like they're even in the same room. I get what Joyner is trying to say with this skit but I think he leans into shock Value/drama just a bit too much. The skit at least sets up the next couple of tracks really nicely.

2.  I Lied (Intro) (10)
This is one of the hardest intros I've heard in a while! He's aggressively reflecting on his upbringing in a retrospective way. He's also telling us the old Joyner is dead. In other words he's saying he lied about staying loyal to any connections/friends from his past and he's moving on without them. ("They Said That I Changed, I Say Maybe You're Right"). Usually the hook in a song is meant to separate the verses while you take a short break from the bars. In this case joyner spits though the hooks as well.

3.  Isis (10)
The flow of this energy is beautiful. Joyner is still spinning off of the same energy he was on in the previous track. This track is also already tying to the first skit. This track was a surprise when I first heard it because Joyner and Logic were in the middle of a beef that they apparently decided to squash. I didn't expect these two to have so much chemistry together there it is. From haters to both having ADHD, they actually have a lot in common. This Logic's best written and most focused verse in years. I'm actually excited for his new album now after he dropped 2 duds.

4.  The War (8)

The album mellows out a bit here. "The War" what Joyner is describing as a relationships. This is probably the smoothest song on the album, sonically and vocally. It also ties into the theme of the album because people with ADHD are known to struggle with relationships for different reasons; prone to outbursts and misunderstandings ect. Young Thug Carries the track well enough but it really could have been anyone on the second verse in his spot and it wouldn't make much of a difference.
5.  Chris (skit)

Chris Tucker (of all people) pops up on this quick skit to complain about Joyner taking so long to drop his album. I mean, I agree with him especially considering the next track on the album dropped 2 years ago!

6.  I Love (10)
This track seems to be a general warning not to get on his bad side becuase he had a habit of acting impulsively/saying it how it is. This is a really catchy rap/pop song and I still really enjoy it 2 years after it dropped. I just feel so weird talking about a 2018 track while reviewing a 2020 album.

7.  Devil’s Work (10)
This track dropped shortly after the death of XXXTENTACION's death. Within the track Joyner is screaming his questions at God in anger and frustration. He asks for an answer to why all of the innocent people are dropping like flies but so many evil people are allowed to live. There's no hook here. It's 4 minutes of Joyner venting and eventually coming to a realization as the track wraps up. I still get goosebumps when I listen to this track.

8.  Lotto (10)
This one is a celebratory banger! One of my favouites on the album. I love the the boombap beat with the subtle (I think) strings in the background. Joyner is comparing making it as a rapper to winning the lotto.

9.  Kevin (Skit)

Apparently Joyner owes Kevin Hart some money? Not sure I understand the purpose behind this track other than comedic relief.

10.  Gold Mine (8)
This track is sort of like a prequel to "Lotto". He talks about his struggles before fame, how he quit his McDonald's job to start rapping. This is a decent track but it's one of the weaker ones compared to the rest.

11.  Finally (7.5)
I really didn't love this track the first couple times I heard it. I'm not crazy about Chris Brown's hook. Everything he does sounds the same to me at this point. I do really like this upbeat instrumental mixed with Joyner's charismatic vocals. There's not all that much for lyicism here. The selling points for this track for me is the production and Joyner's flow and delivery. Chris brown can get outta here.

12.  10 Bands (10)
This one is sort of cut from the same cloth as "Lotto". It's another rags to riches banger except this time it's produced by Timbaland. I love the sort of poppy, skittery playful beat. Joyner keeps the same flow the entire track but I really like that. The ball keeps rolling and it turns out to be a simple yet effect cut from the album.

13.  Revenge (10)

I love the way he starts his verse with this quiet delivery that gets louder and louder as the first verse builds. As the pressure builds the verse gets more intense until it mellows out into this pretty eerie, really smooth revenge track. Joyner sounds like he's out for blood

14.  Comprehensive Evaluation (Skit)
Again, I find these doctor skits to be a bit cheesy. I get that we're supposed hate the doctor and sympathize with Joyner. I do, but I think it could have been written better. It's a great segway into the next track though.

15.  ADHD (9.5)
This track dropped as a single a few months ago. At first I didn't love the poppy/trappy elements of it. To be honest it actually became one of the better songs on the album after some time. It's really catchy, the beat i infectious, the flow is great. (Also check out the dope video!)

16.  Still Can’t Love (7)
This is easily the worst track on the album. There's enough (better) tracks about love interests on this album already. I really don't care about the feature's love interests and their pen game's aren't good enough to make it better. The more I listen to this track, the more I dislike it
17.  Will (10)
This track is Joyner paying homage to his Idol, Will Smith. The track is also a reminder to pay respect to your idols while they're still alive. This ties into the "Devil's Work" song. That song was about losing idols. This song is about letting them know what you think of them incase they unexpectedly pass. I love all the creative references to Will Smith movies throughout the whole song too.

18.  Broke and Stupid (9.5)

This is a great close for the album. It sort of ties up all the loose ends. Joyner raps introspective bars about his come-up in the rap game and the set backs he faced, while also facing many detractors along the way. He talks about never being broke again. I love the Laid back Jay-Z sample production as well.

Final Thoughts:

I'm really loving this album, but I have to admit that I'm pretty dissapointed that we only got 5 new song when the album finally dropped. 60% of the album was material that's been out for months; years for some. However the placement of the old tracks with new tracks is perfect. The album flows very well and stays cohesive. Even though a lot of these tracks aren't new anymore, it's still hard to find a bad one. This is a great album to debut with that tells Joyner's backstory and rise to fame. I'm defenitely looking forward to anything he does next.

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