AOTY 2023
Conway the Machine & The Alchemist - LULU
Jan 27, 2021
Lyicism B+
Beats/production A
Flows/Delivery B-
Content C+
Creativity C
Replay Value B

Conway is back again without really even taking a break. This time he's working with one of my favouite producers, Alchemist for the Entirety of the EP.
After the brief "Intro" track we get the track “14 KI’s”. I love Conway and the rest of Griselda, but I'm getting a little worried that they're writing themselves into a box. Conway predictivly raps once again about pushing coke. The problem with this track and many others is the lack of flavor and memorable hooks. No, a hook isn't the most important part of rap song, but it's an area that Conway could improve on. There are many examples of cliche rap tropes that Conway can't seem to get out of. The track “The Contract” speaks on how nobody's on his level, and nobody can touch him; yada, yada. Again the production helps the track a lot with it's crisp, orchestral instrumental. Schoolboy Q is a highlight on the track “Shoot Sideways”. The song is the 2 talking about murder over a boom bap beat. The track “Calvin, again is a track about being bigger than everyone else over this choatic beat. On “They Got Sunny” is an attack on nameless wack rappers over a really nice, grimy boom bap beat. The closing track, “Gold BBS’s”, once again has this threatening tone, where it's implied that he's going to shoot anyone who opposes him over a boom bap, eerie sample based beat.
With the parts of the album I'm mixed on out of the way, this is still a very exciting EP. Conway's pengame, while cliche, is very sharp and dangerous. The way he delivers his rhymes are both witty and intense at times. Conway is a very consistent artist at this point. If he keeps dropping projects like this, him and Griselda are going to be big players in the game.

Best Tracks #ShootSideways #Calvin #GoldBbs

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