Ropes Inside A Hole - A Man And His Nature
Jan 12, 2023 (updated Jan 30, 2023)
EDIT: 87 -> 63 (1/30/23)

Ahhhh yeah... this has actually fallen off me quite a bit. The music from 'A Man And His Nature' really didn't stick with me like I think I had expected it to. I think there are still quite a few things from my original review that still ring true, but I'm far more skeptical of the repetitiveness and overall lack of strength. I'm not quite sure why I thought this was more powerful than it was... maybe I was just excited for the new year and hoping for something to jump out right away... but I jumped the gun heavy with this.
(Original review)

Desolate and demanding.

A Man And His Nature is an unexpected album, yet a welcome surprise. This is 46 minutes of draining post-rock that comes crashing in waves at you.

The pacing of this album is perfect. Everything seems to come and go at just the right time, if that makes sense. Nothing on this album feels directionless, everything is purposeful and on time.

The instrumentation sounds like a wailing cry for mercy. It's exhausting as the waves keep crashing over you, giving you just enough space to catch your breath before pulling you under again. This is an awesome start to the year.

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