Rina Mushonga - In A Galaxy
Mar 12, 2019
A joy from start to finish, In a Galaxy is modern synthpop at its finest. Mixing layers of synths, strings, drums, piano and much more, each song is a highlight of synthpop, jazz, funk and soul music. The excellent production throughout makes it hard not to want to groove along. Full out 80's synth jams like "Jungles", "4Qrtrs" and "For a Fool" pepper the album with bubbly rhythms and catchy hooks. Slower, moodier cuts like "Tropix" and the piano driven "Glory_" are no less engaging, thanks in part to Rina's titanic voice. Her singing stands proud over the beautiful instrumentation, tying each song together wonderfully. Rina draws from personal experience and her surroundings for the lyrics, and as a result the songs are broad and instantly relatable. Opener "Pipe Dreamz" mixes croons about general hardships with a lovely synth beat. "I Miss U So Much" turns scribblings in bathroom stalls into beautiful imagery about love. Slow jam "Good Vacation" yearns for alone time with the one you love. These basic, trivial thoughts become vivid with Rina's performance and the stellar production. Even the album art is vivid, a word I find appropriate for the album as a whole. Overall, Rina successfully captures the cosmic wonders that synthpop can evoke on In A Galaxy, and her exceptional rhythms and swell lyrics continue to impress me upon repeated listens. Highly recommended!

Standouts: Pipe Dreamz, For a Fool, Narcisc0, Tropix, Glory_, 4Qrtrs, Jungles
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