Duck Sauce - Quack
Feb 17, 2019 (updated Feb 18, 2019)
After they released the smash "Barbra Streisand", one could've easily written off Duck Sauce, the mega-producer duo of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak, as nothing more than mildly catchy music for juice commercials. Doing so was your mistake to make, as not only is "Barbra Streisand" one of the best disco house hits of the decade, but these two goons keep the infectious rhythms and grooves going for an entire album. There isn't a dull moment on the 50+ minutes of music on Quack, at least where the actual songs are concerned.

Each tracks uses classic samples to both honor their inspirations and create new jams. The hooks on "aNYway" and "Goody Two Shoes" will stick in your head for days. "Radio Stereo" and "It's You" both feature rather repetitive choruses that are overcome by infectious guitars and joyous layers of samples. Something as goofy as two DJs going back and forth on "Charlie Chazz and Rappin Ralph" works because of the fun you can tell van Helden and A-Trak are having. Even the most repetitive tracks like "NRG" and "Time Waits for No-One" never seem boring thanks to a continuous electric mix of disco and modern house. And of course, the iconic woo-ing on "Barbra Streisand" is still great.

Once each sound ends, you're treated to a short skit that serves as a bridge between songs. There's no real theme attached to them, so they're nice ways to break up the regular tracks. You'll laugh along as a man prank phone calls a restaurant trying to fill a jacuzzi with duck sauce or wonder what kind of psuedo-science fiction narrative about space invading ducks the duo are faux building. Truthfully these skits don't add much to the grand scheme of the album, but their presence isn't a detriment to the disco house gem Duck House delivers here. What could've been an easy buck for A-Trak and Arman van Helden turns out to be one of the most underrated albums of the decade.

Standouts: Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph, It's You, Goody Two Shoes, Radio Stereo, aNYway, NRG, Barbra Streisand, Time Waits for No-One
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