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Just trying to break the ice and get my first review typed out on here, so I figured the best place to start is with my favorite album ever. I got into Car Seat Headrest after my dad showed Teens of Denial in eighth grade, when I was just exiting that infamous emo-pop phase everyone had in 2016 for some reason. When I did a little exploring on my own and discovered the original version of Twin Fantasy, I was quietly in awe. I could easily type an essay's worth of what this album means to me, ... read more

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Gonna use my AOTY page to support smaller artists more:)
I've been keeping up with Toledo pop-punk band Equipment for a couple years now (you may know them from the "Don't emo-splain me, kid" Fantano tweet), and I feel like I've really listened them branch out settle into their sound. Their upward trajectory shines through on 2020's "All You Admire," a charming, brief EP with a more indie lean than the band's previous endeavors. Polished with crisp production and some of ... read more
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So crazy that she made this album specifically to hurt me.
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I haven't posted in a little while, and admittedly need to listen to this album closer, but it's been a tough start to 2021 so I just want to share some thoughts on something getting me through it.
Beach Music attracted me with its beautiful cover, a visual that gives the entire album a somewhat psychedelic and spiritual vibe, all while grasping onto that down-to-earth, cozy quality that lo-fi often has. Alex G puts a dreamy spin on some indie clichés (simple guitar work and whiny male ... read more
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I live close to the actual Defiance, Ohio so I was kind of let down to discover that this band is really from Columbus. Anyways, "The Great Depression" is a prime example of the words "folk punk," with a patchwork, twangy sound and political and emotional notes. My only issue is that the grating, deadpan vocals are a little.../too/ grating and deadpan at times. Big Midwestern vibes, though.
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Only a few months after Folklore, Taylor has blessed us with its shorter, more cohesive sister album, Evermore. Once again, her strongest writing is on display, but this album does little to differentiate itself from Folklore, and occasionally, little to differentiate its songs from each other. However, thanks to fabulous writing and a tighter-knit track list, Evermore is more memorable, more poignant than its elder sister.

Fave tracks: gold rush, tis the damn season, no body no crime, ... read more
Dec 21, 2020
Thanks, updated the list :)
Dec 21, 2020
Hi, hope you're doing well! I'm making a list, and my question is: what do you think 12-year-old you would have chosen as this year's AOTY?
Dec 14, 2020
thank you for your pick!
the list is out right now,link
is down below. thanks! (again)
Dec 13, 2020
hey there, im making
a list, what is your album
of the year? and can

you make a haiku
on why it is your choice too?
thank you very much
Nov 30, 2020
Wow, you're not wrong in your bio, you're certainly a correct opinion haver.
Nov 29, 2020
thank you very much
i dont know why i do it
but its fun to write
Nov 29, 2020
quick question: should pineapples be pizza toppings?
Nov 19, 2020
thank you so much for helping, i added your pick
here's the list if you wanna have a look:
Nov 17, 2020
hi chaifiend, hope you're doing well! i'm making a list and i'd like you to participate. the question is: what is the most annoying song of all time?
Nov 10, 2020
You're thrown into a locked room with a gun to last for 5 hours. What song do they have to play on repeat to get you to give up and shoot yourself?
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