ZAYN - Mind of Mine
I still really enjoy this album, because it feels like an album that stands on his own. You can listen the whole album without skipping it, because it has the same vibe throughout the album and a logical build-up. Zayn's not breaking genres with this album, but more like.. melting? I can't wrap my head around it but I don't feel the need to either. His voice range is incredible and he has much potential, which he shows on some of the songs. I don't listen to interludes on an album that much, ... read more
Adele - 19
I'm kind of shocked by the current low score on this album, which is around 63/68 at the moment. I'm hoping it's because of the lack of ratings, because I think this is vocally one of the best albums we've had these past decades. Adele's voice is incredible and leads me to liking her live versions of songs more than the studio versions.

I think the best songs are her live versions of Daydreamer and Make You Feel My Love and Hometown Glory.

SZA - Ctrl
Ctrl is such a refreshing album to me. I feel like it's genre-breaking, comforting and definity original. As one very talented and wise artist (Beyoncé) once said ''People don't make albums anymore, ..people don't even listen to a body of work anymore''. That's what this album is, a body of work, I guess I can say a subtle masterpiece.

To me, Drew Barrymore, Prom, The Weekend and Go Gina are solid 10s.

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