Alex G - God Save the Animals
2d ago
another prominent artist that i have completely overlooked

almost all of my album reviews at this point open up with "i've never listened to ___" which is unfortunate, but it happens. and it's happening right now. i know nothing about alex g, i've heard nice things about him and i know his music leans on the indie side but other than that this was a blind listen. and the album was fine

going to get my complaints out of the way first, so without further ado:

i don't like his voice at times. "cross the sea" and "blessing" are the two biggest culprits in the track listing. the instrumentals are sweet and i also like the (albeit random) synth passage transition between the two tracks but his delivery of the "yeah yeah yeah"s on "cross the sea" sounds slightly off? and the whispering on "blessing" just reminds me of bad asmr. maybe i need more time with them but yeah i'm not a big fan of those two tracks really. "blessing" also has a random sudden ending that doesn't particularly work either. there's also some vocal modulation happening throughout some of the tracks that at times does not work (the "god is my designer jesus is my lawyer" part in S.D.O.S specifically kind of felt out of place to me)

onto the positives now:

he does have a nice voice! when he's not getting all up in my ears with his whispers, his voice is pleasantly soft. "miracles" is great. he sounds lovely on this track. The production and mixing is also perfect. everything sounds very warm and full, i specifically adore the piano laced throughout the project, especially on the opener "after all" and "headroom piano". the melodies are also tight, it's clear that alex g knows what he's doing and knows how to compose a good track. this album is the epitome of laid back, I especially love it when alex takes a step back and lets the music do a lot of the talking. in songs like "no bitterness", he's just repeating a simple but sweet refrain which allows the music more space to breathe and evolve (and goddamn when the beat picks up at the 2:20 part, easily my favorite moment on this album). also, the vocal pitching is cool on tracks like "immunity", it's very reminiscent of porter robinson who is an artist i thoroughly enjoy.

overall i think this was a good first impression. sure, there are some moments in the track list that i think could be reworked but for the vast majority of the time, i enjoyed my time with this project and can see myself coming back to a lot of these songs in the future. "god save the animals" is a nice, endearing slice of indie folk and stands as one of the better releases in that genre this year.

favorite tracks: after all, no bitterness, headroom piano


Track Ratings
1After All / 90
2Runner / 85
3Mission / 85
4S.D.O.S / 80
5No Bitterness / 95
6Ain't It Easy / 80
7Cross the Sea / 55
8Blessing / 55
9Early Morning Waiting / 80
10Immunity / 85
11Headroom Piano / 85
12Miracles / 80
13Forgive / 80
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