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The real were the friends we made along the way. Library is vinyls I own.
Enjoyer of music and wannabe reviewer 100 - Perfect 90 - Incredible 80 - Great 70 - Very Good 60 - Good 50 - Fine 40 - Okay 30 - Not Good 20 - Bad 10 - Horrible 0 - Absolute Garbage
this is not a test. .eliforp ym ot emoclew
i don't know literally anything about music but the fact that i listen to it 24 hours a day makes me think i can have serious opinions about it
Male - He/Him - European - Former cinephile Trying to have the quirkiest taste in music Currently into: Death Grips 100 gecs
Road to 243 I mess with analysis (and bladee and summrs) Rating by 2s I only write normal reviews about stuff that I enjoy that isn't actually that good. Everything else will either be elongated analysis or one-two sentence explanations of the album
A Mexican mf who likes music ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ I have no specific way of rating things. If I like it, I like it and if I donโ€™t I usually wonโ€™t rate it because Iโ€™m so sweet and nice and not controversial.
Somewhat neurotic, obsessive, and confused. 100 - W 90 - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 80 - i appreciate you 60 - nice for background music 50 - listenable/acceptable/tolerable/lowkey okey for background music 40 - a lot of skips happened, didn't finish listening, stops listening midway to the album.
Reminder for myself : 100 : Perfection or MBDTF 90 - 99 : One the greatest things i've ever heard (at least 10 teardrops) 80 - 89 : This is so good, i'll probably hear it in the car while i'm crying 70 - 79 : Man that's hot 60 - 69 : This is fine, i like it, but yeah no tears so... 50 - 59 : That was listenable, a few good tracks 40 - 49 : I listen to the entire thing and that's enough 30 - 39 : Ok that was not so good 20 - 29 : It's bad 10 - 19 : It's so bad 0 - 9 : Hell
my ratings are more like my enjoyment levels, you could say a higher score means a higher enjoyment level. for your own precious little mental wellbeing, please do not take them personally and seriously hehe 80+ really great 60+ pretty solid, liked it 40+ meh... average 00+ not my thing
My taste is very predictable! I'm annoying online and sometimes I have opinions Why do I rate everything 100? Bc my opinions always change and being negative is not enjoyable to me, so 100 means I listened to it and I'd rather just applaud someone for making art
*currently writing on new listens, albums that I already listened to/that have been rated without a review will get it over time* > 21yo guy from italy > guess i like music, i rate only what i've listened to > please don't take any of my ratings too seriously, i'm willing to discover any new music and expand my music taste > most likely good ratings 100: masterpiece 90-99: amazing 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: ok 50-59: average 40-49: forgettable 30-39: bad 29-0: what am i even looking at
(He/Him) I try to listen to all kinds of music, always open to new recommendations. 100 = Masterpiece. 90 = Great. 80 = Pretty Good. 70 = Good. 60 = Decent. 50 = Meh. 40 = Bad. 30 = Horrible. 20 = Horrendous. 10 = Worst Thing. 0 = ๐Ÿšฎ.
21, he/him I only use increments of 10 when rating things and I'm only including albums I've listened to in full starting September 2nd, 2022. I'm open to recommendations! Please check out my 'Ranked: Everything' list to get a better sense of what kind of music I enjoy.
Rohan Agrawal, 17, he/they. Virgin. Asexual. Terrible person. Dumbass who really loves rock and metal (and even other genres as well o(^โ–ฝ^)o) Library = Collection RYM: Shit channel: Letterbox: Rating System Tierlist: 100: Perfect 90s: Awesome 80s: Great 70s: Good 60s: Decent 50s: Okay 40s: Mediocre 30s: Bad 20s: Terrible 10s and below: Shit
Dog with the butter
Hi, I hope you enjoy my ratings. โ€œE aรญ vem sempre aqui?โ€ - Joey vibes (Friends). 85> Good stuff
idk dude i just like music dude (he/him or they/them if i'm having a personality disorder)
frank ocean enthusiast - listen to mainly rnb, rap, and pop i rate albums/EPs based on purely the songs (exclude interludes/intros/outros) then find the score and add some on based on how cohesive the project is (includes interludes, themes, skits, etc.) library are albums i have in vinyl/cd top 5 albums 1. channel orange/blonde (I can't decide) - frank ocean 2. mbdtf - kanye west 3. igor - tyler, the creator 4. sawayama - rina sawayama 5. tcd - kanye west
Judi Dench
Kyle :) he/him, 19 Not actually Judi Dench 14.5k producers added & counting 1.5k tracklists added and counting 1k albums added and counting 1k cover arts added and counting 500 labels added and counting Following and unfollowing mass amounts of ppl on this website corny af you will be unfollowed ๐Ÿ˜˜ 85+ = I LOVE IT PURRR 70-84 = REALLY GOOD 60-69 = GOOD BUT COULD'VE BEEN BETTER 50-59 = I FINISHED THE ALBUM WITHOUT CRINGING 21-49 = BORING/WEIRD 11-20= BAD 10- = UNLISTENABLE/COULDNT FINISH
I Rarely talk about or rate shit I donโ€™t fw. Unless itโ€™s something so bad thatโ€™s its fun to poke fun at or something that I was looking forward to but ended up being disappointed with. 100 - Masterpiece. 90-99: Amazing/fantastic/outstanding etc. 80-89: Great. 70-79: Good. 60-69: Decent. 50-59: mediocre/indifferent. 40-49: Not good. 30-39: Really bad. 20-29: Awful. 10-19: absolutely abysmal. 0-9: Something so bad that it's genuinely painful to get through.
yo! Just tryna expand my music taste. love all kinds of hip hop, electronic music and wanna expand my taste in metal/rock ! 90 - 100 - ALL TIME FAVOURITE ! 90 - AMAZING ! 80 - GREAT ! 70 - GOOD ! 60 - Okay 50 - Avarage 40 - not good 30 - bad 20 - really bad 10 - garbo 0 - light 5 - solid 6+ - strong letterboxd: backloggd:
Hi, I've been off this site for a long time, but recently found the time and interest in reviewing music again, while I've probably lost most of my relevance on this site, but that's fine with me, I'll just review the stuff that I listen to on occasion, when I wanna B^) More active on RYM as of now so pls follow me there :] I mostly review new albums and singles, but also some older LPs I find interest in. My favorite genres btw: Alt. Metal and Psych Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic and IDM
i usually rate things too high lol
See HERE my consumer of Music (unable to create sadly). I am huge fan of the album format. AOTY giving structured focus listening scoring & writing. Hopefully learn my tastes and keep up-to-date protect against boomer syndrome. I tend towards generous scores as Queen Kim Gordon said there are only Good and Great submissions.
they/them 1-5 - Unspeakable Atrocity 10-15 - Revolting 20-25 - Horrible 30-35 - Bad 40-45 - Below Average 50-55 - Average 60-65 - Decent 70-75 - Good 80-85 - Amazing! 90-95 - Blew my mind 100 - Changed my life
trying to cope with everything by criticizing everything, my bad eng included
Hello, this place seemed interesting so I checked it out. I'm more into rock and metal but I like a few other things here and there depending on how unique and interesting it is to me. Manly just depends on the mood. I added a few things myself so if you're interested in finding something you maybe haven't heard before you can check out either my ratings or Library .
there's a lot left to be desired
He/Him. Goofy music enjoyer (mainly electronic, rock and hip-hop) from Spain
Hi! My music taste is better than yours. ...No hard feelings! My fav band is Ne Obliviscaris for now, but I'm not sure if that helps. You can see Nujabes albums in my top ratings, as well as Aimer or My Chemical Romance.
โžผ they/them โžผ just rating albums for fun. ratings will be way too high cause i'm genuinely just rating albums i like. โžผ pretty bias towards pop-punk and indie pop and stuff like that. โžผ library is the cds and records i own. trying to collect more. โžผ i'm open to any recommendations. i really like finding new music.
jv .
@JV_IZM on Twitter. HOLY_JV on RateYourMusic. Follow me! my ratings will most likely only make sense to me . mind your business !
Jesus Is King I rate albums by personal enjoyment mainly, not necessarily talent or general quality God Is Good Blessed read my frailty review anything above a 54-55 is good or enjoyable if being drainy is a sin Lord forgive me i love you all to anyone reading this just know that you are loved rather you think so or not
Hey!! I'm Caleb, I'm 20 years old and I'm completely passionate about music. Here on my profile you will find reviews of different styles, focusing on idealization or more personal. All my reviews are detailed, so if you like a well-written text, you're in the right place aksjak.
im 9 and i like msuic and albums and the ghost pop tape by devon hendryx generic white experimental hip hop fan
18 he/him 90+ = Practically flawless 85-89 = Personal favorites 80-84 = Amazing 75-79 = Great 70-74 = Good 65-69 = Enjoyable 60-64 = Acceptable Below 60 = Not worth listening to Not gonna have many bad ratings because I'm not gonna listen to bad music lol Go through a different musical obsession every couple weeks Feel free to suggest any LP/EP/Mixtape you think I'd like, or if you're in need of suggestions just leave me a shout RYM:
100 - Absolute Perfection ๐Ÿ’• 90 - amazing 80 - Great 70 - Good with a few flaws 60 - Neutral 50 - Mediocre 40 - Bad 30 - Very Bad 20 - Horrible 10 - Disgusting 0 - โ€ผ๏ธโ€ผ๏ธโ€ผ๏ธ
As a young artist, I appreciate and enjoy the arts. Contemporary, sequential, and photography. I also enjoy Reviewing movies, video games, and now mostly music for myself and sometimes friends. Please enjoy the rest of your day and maybe read one of my non-professional reviews (I rate on a 5-point increment scale). All reviews and scores posted are not influenced by public bias. All scores and reviews are decided before posting. Thank you :)
I tend not to give music I don't enjoy the time of day, so don't expect many negative ratings lol Play Celeste
Forrest, he/they, 17 A forest goblin that likes music Feel free to give me recommendations :) 95-100: God Tier 90-94: Amazing!!! :D 80-89: Vry good !! 70-79: Good :) 59-69: Decent 48-58: Meh/Okay 40-47: Kinda bad 30-39: Very bad 20-29: No. 10-19: STOP. 0-9: Evil Incarnate

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