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My taste is very predictable! I'm annoying online and sometimes I have opinions Why do I rate everything 100? Bc my opinions always change and being negative is not enjoyable to me, so 100 means I listened to it and I'd rather just applaud someone for making art
Hi, music is proof that gems in the form of art can be dug up from anything and everything a person experiences during a lifetime, I'm glad I'm here to witness it. I'm a poet who just so happens to enjoy reviewing music. (Thank you for 500 followers. I love this community)
hey i'm nightshade! i usually post some fairly long reviews so my reviewing schedule is a bit messy. i usually review albums i like/recommended by a friend/albums i really anticipate. reviews are occasionally bi-weekly and if you like my reviews then please consider following me! thanks a lot!
Rohan Agrawal, 17, he/they. Virgin. Asexual. Terrible person. Dumbass who really loves rock and metal (and even other genres as well o(^▽^)o) Library = Collection RYM: Shit channel: Letterbox: Rating System Tierlist: 100: Perfect 90s: Awesome 80s: Great 70s: Good 60s: Decent 50s: Okay 40s: Mediocre 30s: Bad 20s: Terrible 10s and below: Shit
A Mexican mf who likes music 🙌🏽 I have no specific way of rating things. If I like it, I like it and if I don’t I usually won’t rate it because I’m so sweet and nice and not controversial.
21, he/him I only use increments of 10 when rating things and I'm only including albums I've listened to in full starting September 2nd, 2022. I'm open to recommendations! Please check out my 'Ranked: Everything' list to get a better sense of what kind of music I enjoy.
Music nerd. Taco fanatic.
nothing to see here just a lazy guy giving lazy reviews
Not a music critic. I rate things based on how much I enjoyed my hearing experience front to back. Not apposed to exploring new stuff. If you find me, recommend me something!
probably a good idea to take this with a grain of salt! anything I say here is my opinion and I don't even take my opinion that seriously 100: Perfect 90s: Exemplary 80s: Great 70s: Good 60s: Decent 50s: Average 40s: Mediocre 30s: Bad 20s: Terrible 10s: Awful 0s: Dreadful short reviews are either albums I'm not that invested in but felt like talking about anyway or that I just don't have enough time to do a full review on ratings do not reflect my personal enjoyment
Nora, she/her, 21 I listen to everything and rate solely on vibes so my opinions are probably bad oops I only rate albums out of 5 so my ratings will have kind of a wacky distribution (realistically I would have way more 70s since 60 feels low, but a 3 feels just right) <3 is for my favorite songs on the album
my ratings are more like my enjoyment levels, you could say a higher score means a higher enjoyment level. for your own precious little mental wellbeing, please do not take them personally and seriously hehe 80+ really great 60+ pretty solid, liked it 40+ meh... average 00+ not my thing
24 y.o. in love with Florence Pugh only positive reviews and ratings by this account i'm not a menace
Reminder for myself : 100 : Perfection or MBDTF 90 - 99 : One the greatest things i've ever heard (at least 10 teardrops) 80 - 89 : This is so good, i'll probably hear it in the car while i'm crying 70 - 79 : Man that's hot 60 - 69 : This is fine, i like it, but yeah no tears so... 50 - 59 : That was listenable, a few good tracks 40 - 49 : I listen to the entire thing and that's enough 30 - 39 : Ok that was not so good 20 - 29 : It's bad 10 - 19 : It's so bad 0 - 9 : Hell
dude, I'm still 15. I never do drugs or smoke but I listened to Travis almost daily. enough said I love you :> (no homo) if I enjoy the album, the score would be 70+. if I hate the album, I will rate it as 40/below. the neutral score would be 50-60. so.. have a nice day
I like to keep my reviews very brief and to the point. [100 Masterpiece] [90's Insanely good, near flawless] [80's Pretty good] [70's Good/Solid] [60's Okay] [50's MID] [40's Bad] [30's Really bad] [20's and below are awful] [0 reserved for the worst of the worst]
Somewhat neurotic, obsessive, and confused. 100 - W 90 - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 80 - i appreciate you 60 - nice for background music 50 - listenable/acceptable/tolerable/lowkey okey for background music 40 - a lot of skips happened, didn't finish listening, stops listening midway to the album.
In process of changing rating system
--(She/Her)-- All ratings genuine (except for celeste soundtracks) Rating system: 100: Top Albums/My Favorites 99: 10/10 (Masterpiece) 90 - 98: 9/10 (Almost Perfect) 80 - 89: 8/10 (Very Good) 70 - 79: 7/10 (Good) 60 - 69: 6/10 (Above Average) 50 - 59: 5/10 (Average) 40 - 49: 4/10 (Below Average) 30 - 39: 3/10 (Mid [Derogatory]) 20 - 29: 2/10 (Bad) 10 - 19: 1/10 (Horrible) 0 - 9: 0/10 (Worst Albums)
i listen to a lot of music and use aoty to find new stuff and as an outlet for my thoughts don't expect masterfully written well thought-out reviews. 100 = divine 90-99 = masterpiece 80-89 = amazing 70-79 = great 60-69 = enjoyable 50-59 = neutral 40-49 = bland 30-39 = boring 20-29 = unpleasant 10-19 = obnoxious 0-9 = unlistenable
15 year old who likes everything music except Kpop. Thanks for the follows also tell me what albums to listen to next in my comment box
Enjoyer of music and wannabe reviewer 100 - Perfect 90 - Incredible 80 - Great 70 - Very Good 60 - Good 50 - Fine 40 - Okay 30 - Not Good 20 - Bad 10 - Horrible 0 - Absolute Garbage
i am finn! im 23 | they or he i like music a lot and collect a lot. i am mostly into older rock stuff but i'm trying to branch out. 100 - Masterpiece 90-99 - Nearly perfect 80-89 - Amazing 70-79 - Great 60-69 - Good 50-59 - Listenable 40-49 - Not good 30-39 - Bad 20-29 - Not Listenable under 20 - Dropped :(
they/them Music creator, listener. Favorite artists/bands: Black Country, New Road Kendrick Lamar Weezer Nirvana IDLES Kanye West black midi Anna von Hausswolff
*currently writing on new listens, albums that I already listened to/that have been rated without a review will get it over time* > 21yo guy from italy > guess i like music, i rate only what i've listened to > please don't take any of my ratings too seriously, i'm willing to discover any new music and expand my music taste > most likely good ratings 100: masterpiece 90-99: amazing 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: ok 50-59: average 40-49: forgettable 30-39: bad 29-0: what am i even looking at
I'm using this to find out which albums I like, which I don't, and which ones I need to give another listen to. And obviously discover new music.
majoring in data science and statistical science, minoring in spanish avid enjoyer of music as per usual stream doopee time
25, the annoying loud friend that talks about music you couldn't give less shits about.
Judi Dench
Kyle :) he/him, 19 Not actually Judi Dench 14.5k producers added & counting 1.5k tracklists added and counting 1k albums added and counting 1k cover arts added and counting 500 labels added and counting Following and unfollowing mass amounts of ppl on this website corny af you will be unfollowed 😘 85+ = I LOVE IT PURRR 70-84 = REALLY GOOD 60-69 = GOOD BUT COULD'VE BEEN BETTER 50-59 = I FINISHED THE ALBUM WITHOUT CRINGING 21-49 = BORING/WEIRD 11-20= BAD 10- = UNLISTENABLE/COULDNT FINISH
I Rarely talk about or rate shit I don’t fw. Unless it’s something so bad that’s its fun to poke fun at or something that I was looking forward to but ended up being disappointed with. 100 - Masterpiece. 90-99: Amazing/fantastic/outstanding etc. 80-89: Great. 70-79: Good. 60-69: Decent. 50-59: mediocre/indifferent. 40-49: Not good. 30-39: Really bad. 20-29: Awful. 10-19: absolutely abysmal. 0-9: Something so bad that it's genuinely painful to get through.
he/him Just kinda living at this point. Currently changing a whooole lotta my ratings :3
trying to cope with everything by criticizing everything, my bad eng included
pj harvey is my mother in my head i am disowning my biological mother to make it happen (sorry mom) pls pj hit me up i want to be your daughter
Huge music lover, studied in college for Film/Acting and worked w/ soundboards in live music. Just now using this site while using SPUTNIKMUSIC for 10+ years. Needle drops in film and media helped me fall in love with music and helped me explore more and more genres. Lately, listening to new music is a passion and inspiration. 98-100: MASTERPIECE 88-96: SUPERB 78-86: EXCELLENT 68-76: GREAT 58-66: Good 48-56: Average 38-46: Poor 28-36: Very Poor 18-26: Awful 01-16: EAR BLEEDING
➼ they/them ➼ just rating albums for fun. ratings will be way too high cause i'm genuinely just rating albums i like. ➼ pretty bias towards pop-punk and indie pop and stuff like that. ➼ library is the cds and records i own. trying to collect more. ➼ i'm open to any recommendations. i really like finding new music.
frank ocean enthusiast - listen to mainly rnb, rap, and pop i rate albums/EPs based on purely the songs (exclude interludes/intros/outros) then find the score and add some on based on how cohesive the project is (includes interludes, themes, skits, etc.) library are albums i have in vinyl/cd top 5 albums 1. channel orange/blonde (I can't decide) - frank ocean 2. mbdtf - kanye west 3. igor - tyler, the creator 4. sawayama - rina sawayama 5. tcd - kanye west
#No to Racism
He/Him. Goofy music enjoyer (mainly electronic, rock and hip-hop) from Spain
they/them 1-5 - Unspeakable Atrocity 10-15 - Revolting 20-25 - Horrible 30-35 - Bad 40-45 - Below Average 50-55 - Average 60-65 - Decent 70-75 - Good 80-85 - Amazing! 90-95 - Blew my mind 100 - Changed my life
SCORES: 0- Hot garbage. Nothing to say here. 10- Really bad. Might have details that enjoyed me. 20- Baaaad with 1-2 tracks that enjoyable. 30- Bad but bearable to a degree. 40- Below average. 50- Average or very disappointing. 60- Above average or good album with a big issue (e.g. consistency). 70- Good. Not perfect or anything but mostly enjoyed it. 80- Great. Might be one of the best albums of the year. 90- Exceptional. Albums that impressed me a lot. 95 and above- Classic or future classic.
Hey!! I'm Caleb, I'm 20 years old and I'm completely passionate about music. Here on my profile you will find reviews of different styles, focusing on idealization or more personal. All my reviews are detailed, so if you like a well-written text, you're in the right place aksjak.
Lem#7015 on Discord Modern ape sounds to express my existence Liked = Top 100 90+ = masterpiece 75+ = I love and rec it 60+ = It good 50+ = It's at least ok <50 = Stinky <30 = Sucks <10 = wtf I rate and review singles here: My ratings are more a way to keep track of what I’ve heard and how much I liked it than serious ranking.
This is my alt for singles and single ratings! For my ratings/reviews on albums:
Hi! My music taste is better than yours. ...No hard feelings! My fav band is Ne Obliviscaris for now, but I'm not sure if that helps. You can see Nujabes albums in my top ratings, as well as Aimer or My Chemical Romance.
jonky sometimes serious reviews, sometimes not so serious reviews, but ALWAYS jonky i like listening to obscure stuff, recommend me anything SESH
Hi, I hope you enjoy my ratings. “E aí vem sempre aqui?” - Joey vibes (Friends). 85> Good stuff
Just a silly little girl that listens to the sounds in my computer Trying to be a producer eventually If i rate something negatively then you know it's bad 100: perfect 90-99: amazing 80-89: really good 70-79: good 60-69: above average 50-59: average 40-49: kinda bad 30-39: bad 20-29: horrible 10-19: dumpster fire 1-9: incomprehensibly awful. 0: the worst thing to ever touch my eardrums When is the next 10/10 music channel
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