billy woods - Church
hard like morning wood in the morning
Björk - Fossora
Another late-career masterpiece from everyone’s favorite Icelandic songstress

At this point, Björk really does not need an introduction. She is one of the most celebrated artists of the past half century, known for her eclectic and quirky singing style and production.

Each Björk album is distinctly different from each other. To the grand sweeping string sections and bold electronic beats that define her 1997 opus “Homogenic” to the airy flute arrangements that ... read more

Paramore - This Is Why
i fell in love with an emo girl
Björk - Fossora
this is somehow more kooky than atopos. the gabber part goes crazy, i don’t know why she decided to drop a single three days before the album release but whatever this shit goes hard. love how she sings “fossora” on the chorus, and especially love some of the vocal panning. great track!


Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
sometimes bad music is good idk
death's dynamic shroud - Darklife
this project is just one massive production flex. the synth work and composition of each and every single track is insane, this album is so grand in scale yet rarely ever gets lost in its own atmosphere. even if there are times on this project that don’t entirely grip me i am still blown away by what i am hearing. everything just sounds so shiny and sparkly and spacious, some of the tracks on this album are what i’d imagine an outer space dance party would sound like. really ... read more
DaBaby - Baby On Baby 2
admittedly i had a good time listening to this album because of how nonsensical it is but yeah, surprising to none but this album is bad

notable moments

the car horn beep on "go again". some of the vocal layering on that song is hilarious it sounds like he's fighting his own voice

the random deepened vocal pitching throughout this project. favorite moments of this include:

"baby fuck big booty bitches" in the second song
"hitting that hoe with my socks" in the ... read more

Alex G - God Save the Animals
another prominent artist that i have completely overlooked

almost all of my album reviews at this point open up with "i've never listened to ___" which is unfortunate, but it happens. and it's happening right now. i know nothing about alex g, i've heard nice things about him and i know his music leans on the indie side but other than that this was a blind listen. and the album was fine

going to get my complaints out of the way first, so without further ado:

i don't like his voice ... read more

Sam Smith - Unholy
this was a pretty soulless attempt at converting a more hyperpop adjacent sound into a mainstream hit. don’t really have much else to say besides the production sounds like dollar tree ag cook and the lyrics (especially the chorus that everyone was hyping up) make me wince


Björk - Ancestress
this may be the best single yet

“ancestress” is a strong contender for being bjork’s’s best song since her late-career masterpiece that was 2015’s “vulnicura” (this song actually resembles a fusion piece of vulnicura and utopia). This song is a bit lengthy, but not a single second is wasted. The soundscape of this track is quite different to the last two singles; it retains that darker feeling that has defined this era’s visuals and sound but ... read more

Rina Sawayama - Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
one of the most bombastic, monumental pop bangers to be released ever. Rina’s debut EP is full of relentlessly grandiose pop songs but this track takes the cake as not only the best in the track listing but one of the best of the 2010s decade as a whole.
Magdalena Bay - Unconditional
these two definitely have figured out the secret to making good music or something because it is genuinely mind boggling how they came out of nowhere with a great project in 2019 with their first mini mix and have yet to release a single dud. it’s rare to have a music act be so consistently fantastic right out of the gate but magdalena bay has done that and continues to do that. “unconditional” is an undeniably groovy hit, which is more than expected from mica and matt at this ... read more
Quadeca - Born Yesterday
I don’t really know what to make of quadeca. i’m not crazy about his rapping and lyrics but his production is consistently incredible. “born yesterday” is an immaculately produced track, the glitchy and spacey atmosphere meshes so beautifully with quadeca’s heavily reverbed and occasionally bitcrushed vocals. from a vibe standpoint, this song knocks it out of the park. but my reservations on his rapping still hold up. this song isn’t as nearly as hook-y as ... read more
yeah sure this project was pretty average but i was dancing idk
Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

the singles were incredibly hit or miss for me; “hold the girl” has grown to be one of my favorite tracks of the year, and I also enjoy “phantom” and “hurricanes” quite a bit, but the other singles were either just okay or downright underwhelming (this hell). admittedly I was a bit pessimistic with my expectations for the album, as the singles were not as nearly as strong as they were for her first two projects. so I was pleasantly surprised ... read more

Rina Sawayama - Hurricanes
The chorus is nice and bombastic, it's not one of her stronger songs but I think it accomplishes what it set out to do. Production is obviously great, although the vocal mixing is a bit off in my opinion. I'm not sure if "Hold This Girl" will have the same high points as "SAWAYAMA" and "RINA" based on the singles but i'm hoping to be surprised. Overall a good song.


The California EAR Unit - Morton Feldman: For Philip Guston
maybe i’m just too obtuse or not sonically enlightened like all the music elitists with sloped rating distributions but this album is, simply put, boring as shit
Weyes Blood - It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody
massive shoutout to irl who knows I am a huge Weyes Blood fan and texted me during the middle of spanish class to let me know this came out. this song is stunning (emphasis on when the harp came in !!), which is pretty much expected from Natalie at this point. my anticipation for the album is through the roof, I am beyond excited. this track sounds like a fusion piece between some of the best moments on “front row seat to earth” and “titanic rising”. A lot of the vocal ... read more
Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B
This was my blind introduction to jockstrap, and what a fantastic first impression. this record was a perfect mesh of kooky and charm. whoever did the producing did a fine job because this project sounded amazing. one of the strongest of the year for sure. Particularly enamored with the opening track "neon" and "greatest hits".


Kate Bush - The Dreaming
the real queen of england lives on!
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