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cheapqueen -
After 8 months, LOONA is back, but not only LOONA, no. HASEUL IS BACK, JO HASEUL IS BACK!!!
And they're back with a very good project as a whole, while I found the title a bit deceiving, the b-sides definitely make up for it. The title just doesn't really sound like it belongs here but more in [#] as I find it close to "So What" in the chorus mostly. But then as I said the b-sides are really great to me and I enjoyed each of them a lot! I know many people were perplexed after [#] and ... read more

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cheapqueen -
Yuju is the first ex-gfriend member to make her debut. Some excitement comes with that, to be honest. She was one of my fav members and her voice was the one I liked the most and recognized first.
To make <[REC.]> put a soft and husky voice on a bunch of sweet melodies, and on top of that adds a sort of bad girl touch, and you get this.

Unfortunately, nothing really stands out on this. I like the idea of the intro "Bad Blood", and wished they would have made a full song out of ... read more
cheapqueen -
Once again, fromis_9 doesn't miss! The group delivers 5 great songs to take us to their midnight party. The production is really clean and the title "DM" is such a bop. I should pay more attention to them I guess.
cheapqueen -
If I’m right, Yena is the 4th ex-iz*one member to make her solo debut. As someone who didn’t really follow iz*one and didn’t know much of the members or about them, Yena was still one of the few I knew and liked. So so far, she’s the solo I was the most excited about. When Everglow released <Last Melody> almost a year ago, it was rumored that she’d join them as they’re from the same company and most likely trained together in the past. Would have Yena ... read more
cheapqueen -
I'm very pleased with this EP, we get a bunch of slow rnb songs that are better than those we could find on <Redd>. The songs compliment her voice well, to bring to the listener a nice moment of warmth and calm.
cheapqueen -
ENHYPEN comes back with their first repackage album, which completes <DIMENSION : DILEMMA>. With this project comes 2 new songs and an outro.
The title "Blessed-Cursed", starts where the previous album left us, a pop-punk song. And this time it's done it much better way than it was on <DILEMMA>, thanks to great guitars and a thick beat.
The second track "Polaroid Love" is completely different from the title. ENHYPEN swaps the raw sound for something light, sweet, ... read more


Sep 11, 2021
no problem! here you go 🤗
at this point the loona fandom on the site is a cult 😭
Sep 6, 2021
thank you so much for following me <3 all love
Jun 9, 2021
Thank you for following me!
May 22, 2021
Quick question! If you were dead, waiting for your turn in the reincarnation queue. What song would be playing in the background? 😇😇
Jan 17, 2021
I'm a cheap queen, I can be what you like.
Jun 25, 2020
Thank you! I kinda hate most of my reviews haha so that's very sweet of you to say <3
Jun 24, 2020
Thank you for following me :D
Apr 9, 2020
Крутой вкус


Hi everyone, I listen to stuff I'm more likely to like (indie, k-pop, pop). I mostly review k-pop releases and I aim to be your 100% unbiased stan (100% real 0% lies), rn I'm making k-pop lists based on concepts.
I'm open to suggestions and feedback on my reviews!

Library is for projects I'm into these days.

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