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ChildishBambino -
Megan Thee Stallion made the best album by a horse I have ever heard and I have nothing but respect for this manly horse because it is some of the best horse rapping I have ever heard and I must say I actually did enjoy it very much but let me just tell you all the story behind this album because I have a very interesting story about this album and I will also review it at the same time so lsts go and get started so basically I was riding this stallion and it was called megan and I said hey ... read more
ChildishBambino -
Songs for OUR daughter? I'm sorry to break it to you Laura, but we don't have a daughter. I mean the songs are nice, but do you not think it's a bit abbisusive to repeatedly tell your child they are a strange lonely weirdo? My parents did that to me, and all it did was turn me into a strange lonely weirdo. You know what Laura, for when you do actually have a child, I'm going go buy you a book on parenting, because you definetly need it. But to be very honest, I would just recommend you don't ... read more
ChildishBambino -
So I listened to this album while I was walking about and I was like dancing or something and I was totally in the zone when suddenly out of the sky dropped Rina Sawayama herself and she told me that she had a quest for me to do so I said what quest and she said it will be very dangerous and I said ok what is the quest and she said that I had to travel to Bethlehem to meet a guy called Jesus and Jesus would show me where to find the best pop artist of all time and I was like ok Rina whatever ... read more
ChildishBambino -
I liked that part where she spoke Spanish.

Kali Uchis has released a very solid album. My ears enjoyed this one very much, and I can definetly see myself coming back to it again. I havent listened to 'Isolation' all that much for a while, but I definetly don't remember the sort of Latin influence that is at the forefront on this album. And it works wonderfully with Kali's voice, which is absoloutly beautiful by the way. It's one of those voices that makes singing sound so easy and effortless, ... read more
ChildishBambino -
This is the album that got me into hip hop, possibly even just music in general. It was the first time I sat down, listened to an album front to back, and got completely lost in the music, so it is no understatement when I say that this album changed my life. I adore it.

good kid, m.A.A.d city is a short film by Kendrick Lamar, and in my mind it is without a doubt one of the greatest rap albums ever made. The story is immaculately told through Kendrick's incredible lyricism, this album ... read more
Nov 25, 2020
That's rap history, i adore almost everything in it. I hope you'll like it
Nov 24, 2020
I can see you are not completely satisfied with some of the picks but you've decided to listen to the community so you gotta take it 🤗😂
Plus it's not total garbage! I don't see my Lil B's album pick! 😂😂
Which I genuinely think is one of the best cross generations albums! Surely it was more influential than MBDTF 👀😂
Anyway thanks for the efforts for the list, I think you're settling in pretty well in this community 🤗
Nov 23, 2020
Also, What's your favorite Wu-Tang album (solo projects included)
Nov 23, 2020
Saw it, looks pretty good!
Nov 23, 2020
Madvillain is my favorite hip-hop album, pretty much tied with TPAB, but Madvillain for the win!
Nov 23, 2020
anyways welcome my friend
Nov 23, 2020
yeah i totally agree, most of the people on here are incredible. i didn't even realize you were new due to your follower count lol
Nov 23, 2020
I don't agree... the list is great! Well done :)
Nov 23, 2020
okay, that's fair, i see you're more guiding your picks based on nominations. you're welcome. thanks for including me, good luck with everything going forward.
Wowowow thanks for 400. Very cool. I rate albums using a combination of my subjective enjoyment and the objective quality of them. Occasionally I'll feel passionate and write a proper review, other times I'll just be lazy.

▪️ 90-99 = Masterpiece
▪️ 80-89 = Fantastic
▪️ 70-79 = Pretty good
▪️ 60-69 = Alright
▪️ 50-59 = Meh
▪️ 40-49 = Meh minus
▪️ 30-39 = Bad
▪️ 20-29 = Terrible
▪️ 10-19 = An atrocity
▪️ 0-9 = The worst music possibly conceivable
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