Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts
Nov 27, 2020
This is my Uncle Gary's favouirte album because he says it makes his pickle tickle and I don't know what that means but he says the same thing about me so I'm just gonna assume that it's a good thing but honestly I don't see why Gary loves it so much though like yeah it's good and yeah there are atleast three songs on here that I actually think are really really great but it could be like fifty minutes shorter to keep it from dragging so much but that track with Dua Lipa was quite nice fun fact Dua Lipa is Latin for two lips meaning that Dua Lipa actually has two lips as the old saying goes two lips are better than one but anyway I'm getting distracted cos it's nearly the end of no nut November and your boi is going strong but my balls really hurt so let me tell you a quick story about my balls ok so basically because I'm doing no nut November I trained really hard in the months leading up to it with big training montages and stuff but my balls got so loaded with stuff that I ended up impersonating myself and then I gave birth and out popped a little baby and I named her Dua Lipa wow plot twist yes I am Dua Lipa's father and I raised her and I thought her hot to dance really well yes you know what I mean I know you have seen Dua's incedible dancing skills and then basically what happened was that a man called Miguel paid me to make her film youtube videos of her singing and then we got rich and that is the end of story time but anyway more about Miley Cyrus well Miley made this album which I think is real good so well done Miley I would give you a high five but corona you know and that is why I'm a virgin because Corona trust I would have hella bitches if it wasn't for Corona and that is why I give this album a big sexy 77.
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Nov 27, 2020
wtf is this review
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