Jóhann Jóhannsson - Mandy
Nov 19, 2018
My main issue with soundtracks is that they don't really work outside of the context of the movie. Well, not with this one. This could work absolutely well as a standalone album.

The diversity of this record is incredible, it ranges from beautiful to absolutely horrifying. I love how you just don't know what to expect from the record by the end of it, you just end up confused, by how all these ideas from totally different musical styles could work together.

The atmosphere of this record is also one of a kind, the way it builds up this incredibly creepy vibe at the beginning and then transitions into some totally beautiful, minimalistic songs with gorgeous melodies. But then it returns back to its creepy vibes, so it just kinda jumps from these two different vibes, it's like a bigger concept, two totally different perspectives of these soundscapes.

And what about the musicality and production value of this record ? It's generally incredible, again, the variety plays a big part in it too. I just can't get enough of the droning guitars in some of these songs. They are worked in here beautifully, but also in a strange and creepy way. This record is pretty much sleep paralysis in a musical form, in the best possible way. There are not many albums that would scare me as much as this album did. But it also almost made me cry? The instrumentation is just so varied that it can go from totally brutal and punishing drone metal segments to beautiful passionate ambient, but the most important part is that both of these styles have two sides, you can be terrified by the drone metal, but you can be also terrified by the ambient and vice versa.

It just fascinates me how thoughtful this record is, it sets such an incredibly difficult goal to accomplish but it somehow manages to execute it perfectly. I'll probably have to watch the movie now, as it will probably just add more enjoyement to this album.

Overall I just can't recommend this enough, it's really difficult to explain this record. So please, just listen to it.

Favorite tracks : "Mandy Love Theme", "Black Skulls", "Death and Ashes", "Sand", "Forging the Beast", "Dive-Bomb Blues", "Waste", "Temple", "Burning Church", "Memories"

Least faves : "Horns of Abraxas", "Red"
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