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Chode -
I'll get right to the point and waste no time here, the AOTY Awards sheet with the winners can be found here:

This was a very fun project and I hope to improve upon anything I did wrong or anything I forgot to include next year. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a joy to put together. Besides that, I'd also like to shamelessly plug my year-end lists.

My top 50 album of the year: ... read more
Chode -
TL;DR- I’m making an aoty version of the grammys that’s user voted. More information on how to vote down below.

Everyone on this site should know the Grammys. Even if you hate them and refuse to watch them, you know of their existence. I thought it would be pretty cool to do something similar based on what this website enjoys- that’s why I made the AOTY Grammys (The Album Of The Year Awards as I’m calling it). Nominees were picked based on a myriad of things, though the ... read more
Chode -
What dictates how we qualify music? I think most people on this site can agree that experimental hip-hop in the vein of Death Grips is music. In spite of its untraditional sound that deviates from what the average musical listeners would consider music, it is music. Let’s take it a step further; What about free improvisation and avant-garde jazz that are just random notes of an instrument played on the spot? They lack rhythm, however, they are played on an instrument so… music? ... read more
Chode -
The fuck type of animals are these
Chode -
Exactly what ‘JESUS IS KING’ should have been.

Oh boy, prepare yourself, because this is a long one. ‘Donda’ is scatterbrained, flawed, nonsensical at points, but ultimately, is also an endearing exploration of every part of Kanye’s wild mind along with a beautiful tribute to his mother. The rollout itself, though, feels just as interesting as the actual music. The album was accompanied by what’s almost become the norm for Kanye in recent years: an original, ... read more


Jan 19, 2022
the album is
Jan 16, 2022
Hey, i just released my debut EP on spotify and i would rly appreciate it if you checked it out and reviewed it if u have time :)
Jan 2, 2022
aoty be like

"stfu [rating: 99]"
Dec 30, 2021
thank you for doing the aoty awards! loved the results! ur year end lists are also amazing. :)
have a good new years chode and thanks again for all the work you do!!!
Dec 18, 2021
can you be my dad?
Dec 17, 2021
Ayyyye I finally finished my Top 10 lists for the best and worst albums of 2021! Feel free to give them a look and/or send me yours! Or don’t, I can’t control you.

~Top 10 Worst Albums of 2021

~Top 10 Best Albums of 2021
Dec 14, 2021
Hey, chode ! I threw together my year end lists and would appreciate if you checked them out! They’re somewhat incomplete but I’ll be working on them as the year closes. Feel free to send me your lists too!! Happy Holidays



Dec 9, 2021
chode do u wanna listent o my new song
Dec 8, 2021
Hey man i got a question for you. Do you maybe know what happened to the user @HIVE? I remember he usually rated and sometimes even reviewed a lot of the more abstract and underground rap releases. I even saw the comments he left under my reviews were taken down. Just wondering if you might know anything about that.


Only rating top 50 of the year + albums I reviewed

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Enjoyer of hip-hop, post-punk, and Ichiko Aoba. If you disagree with my opinion, then you are wrong. Sorry. I don't make the rules.

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Well, I guess it's finally time to do it. The first-ever (possibly) annual AOTY Awards. I'll be starting from some of the less exciting categories at the top and then getting to the main events (such ...
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Mmmmm... the 50 best singles of the year. As per most lists, the only two criteria for this list are that the song has to be a single and that it has to be good. As for what is actually considered a ...
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