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Chode -
Seek shelter, the best post-punk band of last decade returns.

The Ugly Duckling, a fable old as time, and one that shares parallels with the music of Iceage. Just as The Ugly Duckling found he was unattractive to some but elegant to others, Iceage’s filthy, rather cathartic style of post-punk will off-put many yet be nothing short of chaotic bliss to others. Their trademark euphorically raw style created a niche for them within post-punk at a time when the genre was running on fumes. ... read more
Chode -
Crackheads running rampant in British streets, mental wards overflowing with patients, the grassy pastures of rural Britain. Squid’s jazzy post-punk revival opus, the apocalyptically eclectic ‘Bright Green Fields’, attempts to tackle the un-urbanized section of Britain, a massive 90+% of the country that goes oblivious to outsiders, smashing down the picture-perfect facade portraying Britain as nothing but sunny green fields and stunning cityscapes without sacrificing any of ... read more
Chode -
Summery, exotic, and psychedelic pop at it’s finest, 2021’s Summer Soundtrack has finally arrived in all its grandeur and glory.

I have to admire, with the utmost respect, Bruno Pernadas’ tendency of not letting the past define him while also keeping the essential foundations that make an album distinctly them. Whether it comes in the form of equal parts mirthful and melancholic jazz-pop or enchantingly euphoric neo-psychedelia, Bruno has always stood out among the pantheon ... read more
Chode -
Porter Robinson- a musical anomaly. Laying in a field of spuriousness, a flower of authenticity blossoms, surrounded by insincere and cheap pastiches. In the seven years since the release of his debut album, while his fans’ mouths were left watering for more, Porter Robinson’s music, contradictory to nearly all of his EDM contemporaries, has done the preposterous by withstanding the test of time. A tasteful wunderkind of indie-pop and electronic dance music, Robinson's rapid spiral ... read more
Chode -
Palais d’argile; where the eras of Remain in Light and In Rainbows live in harmony.

Sometimes, I ponder to myself about much phenomenal music I’m missing out on due to cultural barriers. Websites like RYM and AOTY will often tip me off about foreign albums that would otherwise slip through the cracks for me, as a Native English speaker, but are relatively popular in other regions; and its albums such as Palais d’argile truly make me treasure having something like AOTY at my ... read more


May 7, 2021
i suppose, though everyone loves porter robinson lol
May 7, 2021
got you got you
May 7, 2021
Why don't you review LCD Soundsystem? Saving it?
May 7, 2021
Nice! Good luck on your journey of Top 500 albums
May 7, 2021
oh why not
May 7, 2021
#MattIsBetterThanEveryone Spread it ๐Ÿ’ฏ
May 7, 2021
thanks aoty user chode
May 7, 2021
This site hates me or somethin i have 5 likes more than someone and im below them
May 7, 2021
Hey I don't usually self promo on AOTY anymore, but I'm very curious what you in particular think of my new song SELF IMMOLATION ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ
May 6, 2021
Bro I'm struggling to write my BGF review leave me alone


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