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Apr 14, 2021 (updated Apr 22, 2021)
Cock Music #1

As a bit of a 1,500 followers special (Thanks for that BTW), I thought I’d start a new series; and I thought that there was no better way to start off a series like this than with the ultimate cock-rock album; Green Day’s Father of All, an album that, despite only being released for merely a year, has already cemented itself in the history books as Father of All maybe one of the most painfully evident and overtly contrived examples of a band at their creative low point. Green Day, a band whom I have never personally gotten much enjoyment out of but whose endeavors I could previously respect for the impact on pop-rock the group had, resorts to embracing the cheesy, unbearable snap-and-clap radio rock trends that plagued mainstream rock radios, and, seemingly died out, years ago on one of the most pitiful and egregious disgraces to pop-rock ever made.

Granted, the tacky and expired style of rock music explored on Father of All is nothing entirely new for Green Day. It is, however, the band at their lowest they’ve ever been. Albums such as Revolution Radio and the band’s Uno, Dos, Tre trilogy spared you a few faint moments, meanwhile, Father of All constantly bombards you with flavorless, incompetently played instrumentals which are the backbone to fatigued falsettos that barely hit the notes they are trying to reach. While some of Green Day’s earlier material felt rather exasperating to me, I could at least admire how audacious the band’s appeared to be with their political messaging, however, anything remotely intrepid about their earlier material is nowhere to be found on Father of All. Added onto the pure inability to create anything of value Green Day showcases is the appalling, sometimes near unlistenable mixing.

Worse than all of this, believe it or not, maybe the album’s sentiment. It seems as if Green Day, with Father fo All, wanted to turn over a new leaf from the days of their classics, a message that is palpably blasted at you on the cover, and, if this was the case, then I suppose Green Day was successful in this re-invention of their legacy, just not necessarily in the way they most likely desired to be. Just by looking at the mediocrity of the bands who are currently spearheading modern pop-rock, it's hard to say that Father of All is what killed the genre. However, Father of All is Green Day effectively pissing on the grave of the genre that they were key towards innovating. Quite ironic that Green Day is ripping off the same bands who were ripping off them in the mid-late 2000s.

Those who have never taken fondly to Green Day’s musical offerings may find joy in watching the band crash and burn, and, subsequently joy in this record, something that Inglume brought up in his review, but from a purely musical standpoint, Father Of All is one of the most embarrassing cock-rock shitshows of the past 10 years- possibly even of all time.

“They exhibit the swagger of a hot young band discovering rock’n’roll for the first time.” - The Television, 2020

Favorite Tracks: Father of All… maybe?
Worst Track: Really everything but especially Fire, Ready, Aim / Sugar Youth / Graffitia
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Oh Yeah is the best rock song of all time
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Apr 19, 2021
This album is overhated. Sure, it’s generic and boring but nowhere near a 0 or the pedestal Anthony Gaytano fans hold it to.
Apr 20, 2021
I check up on this weekly
Apr 21, 2021
exaggerated swagger
Apr 25, 2021
Loved the list, looking forward to the next episodes 💪 But you're overhating on green day 😑 Stop now 😤😔this is obviously a 100 🙄 your dumbass 😪
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