Lil Yachty - Lil Boat 3.5
Nov 27, 2020
The fact that no one added this to the site before me even though Yachty announced it a week ago should you how big Yachty’s fall off was.

Anyways, since Thug and Carti chose to not drop, I’m stuck with this fucking thing- and god is it bad. It’s like Lil Yachty doesn’t even care anymore. I thought he was on the incline with’ Lil Boat 3’, but nope; here we are. Yachty himself sounds like he doesn’t even want to be here. He shows so little energy on so many tracks here. Listen to ‘Coffin’ or ‘Lil Diamond Boy’ and tell me he cares. You can’t. There are also quite a few incredibly generic beats here. Tracks like ‘Certified,’ “Coffin,’ and ‘Just How I’m Feelin’ all have some of the most generic beats that Yachty has been on throughout his entire career. And the beat on ‘Lil Diamond Boy’ is just horrendous. It’s a horrendous mix of drill, trap, and a little bit of reggaeton. It doesn’t even seem properly mixed either. It’s fucking atrocious, possibly the worst beat Yachty has ever been on. Yachty rapping is still pretty bad. Whenever he tries to rap, it just feels awkward and, once again, sounds like he’s not trying.

The biggest saving grace of this project is the features. All of the features are good aside from Cochise who just sounds like a knockoff Carti. I guess this feature and Carti himself both being on the album is the closest thing we’re gonna get to Whole Lotta Red dropping tonight.

Seriously though, these features fucking deliver. Carti and Future have a lot of chemistry, Lil Baby continues his insane feature run, Vince Staples drops some great bars, and Oliver Tree drops a legitimately beautiful hook. Seriously one of his best performances ever. Some beats here, specifically “Flex Up,’ ‘In My Stussy’s,’ and ‘Asshole’ are pretty great too. Especially, Asshole with how summery the beat feels. It sounds like 2016. Seriously, I think that is one of Yachty’s best tracks and truly the only one where he shows up for more than just the check. The rest? Yeah, Yachty is on autopilot. There are moments where he shows a tiny bit more energy than on other tracks, but most of the time he seems like he’s just woken up. I don’t want to constantly say that Yachty’s output has been pretty underwhelming since 2016 because that is common knowledge to most people, but damn. He really isn’t trying, and that’s incredibly apparent by this deluxe of Lil Boat.

FAV TRACKS: Flex Up, In My Stussy’s, Asshole

LEAST FAV TRACK: Lil Diamond Boy
Nov 27, 2020
this website community and yachty fanbase barely overlap. you gotta remember that there are people outside of this website that love his music lol.
Nov 27, 2020
@DaProblem Yeah I guess. But still, his numbers have been dwindling for a while and most of the hype around his recent popular songs (Oprah's Bank Account, T.D., Pardon Me) were mostly due to the features on the songs.
Nov 27, 2020
yeah thats true
Nov 27, 2020
Great review!! I thought Cochise was really good, even though he may be a Playboi Carti clone, as he carried Yachty on their track together! Yachty really needs to go back to his melodic stuff, that stuff was stunning! :)
Nov 27, 2020
@Cry Thanks, and I agree. 2016 Yachty was pretty great and I love Lil Boat 1, but he has fallen off pretty hard since then. Looking forward to your review!
Nov 28, 2020
@Chode Just finished my review, I miss the melodic Yachty. Hope he goes back to that as he may have a chance to revive his career by doing that. Congrats on getting the 'Popular This Week' badge! :)
Nov 28, 2020
@Cry Saw your review, completely agree. Yachty needs to go back to his melodic 2016 self
Nov 28, 2020
@Chode Glad that we agree! :)
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