R.A.P. Ferreira - bob's son: R​.​A​.​P. Ferreira in the garden level cafe of the scallops hotel
Jan 1, 2021 (updated 6h ago)
After taking up the R.A.P. Ferreira moniker with last year’s Purple Moonlight Pages, the artist formerly known as Milo released one of his most personal and topical records to date. Sadly, Bob’s Son merely feels like afterthoughts that were quickly and roughly assembled to make a worse than anticipated epilogue to Purple Moonlight Pages.

To anyone who is familiar with the works of Milo, you should know he’s a wordsmith of unique caliber. Rhyming nearly every word possible and creating some of the most intricate schemes laid to tape throughout the 2010s, unique seems like an understatement for what Milo had achieved, and Bob’s son once again showcases Milo’s lyrical prowess. Bob’s son is dedicated to Bob Kaufman, a famed poet who inspires Milo. Milo sees Bob as an idol which becomes even more apparent by the skits loosely tieing the album together mainly focusing on poetry themselves. The Koreatown Oddity influence is undeniable here, though it isn’t done as well as it was on Litle Dominiques Nosebleeds. While the skits on that album were done to represent the fragmentation of old memories, it feels as if the skits here were haphazardly placed throughout the album rather than intricately designed to represent an overarching concept. Some do feel cleverly interwoven into the tracks, such as bobby's digital little wings, though more often than not it just makes the overall experience feel slightly disjointed.

The sound of it all is a bit vintage and dusty as one would expect from a Milo project, though it also sounds kind of outdated. Clunky drums permeate the project, the drums on many tracks just straight-up suck and feel too washed-out. Worse than that, a lot of spacey and somewhat empty instrumentals turn up on Bob’s son, though very few of them are interesting enough to support Milo’s laidback demeanor. There are for sure interesting instrumentals that work with Milo here, look no further than skrenth and abomunist manifesto just to name a few highlights, but there are too many that are either uninteresting or crude for this project to be wholly enjoyable. Bob’s son truly does feel like a quarantine project. While it does show Milo in the raw, that’s not always a good thing. Bob’s son feels too raw. It was obviously assembled in a less expensive studio space and had less of a budget on it than Purple Moonlight Pages, though it ultimately suffers from that. Great display of technical skill, just not a great album overall.

Strong 5/10
Favorite Tracks: the cough bomber’s return, skrenth, bobby digital’s little wings, listening, high rise in newark, abomunist manifesto
Worst Track: diogenes on the auction block
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Jan 3, 2021
Awesome review - will give this a listen to see if it clicks :)
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