Doc D - Planetory Destruction
Jan 22, 2021 (updated Jan 23, 2021)
Adopting a pitch-shifted alter-ego as Madlib did with Quasimoto then pairing it up with a host of skits as MF DOOM has done across his many character-driven albums, Logic surprise drops a new mixtape under the Doctor Destruction moniker; a project that, oddly enough, ranks as one Logic’s best works to date. Logic’s path up to this point has been marred with lost potential and straight-up delusional releases, to be specific I'd cite two of his more recent outings; 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' and 'Supermarket'. Many fans were afraid of Logic. Afraid that he would continue to put out corny garbage in a last-ditch attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator until his career eventually faded out and he became known as the 1-800 guy. So needless to say, it was all the more of a welcomed surprise when Logic released ‘No Pressure’, a true return to form for him, barely over a year after the release of his two worst albums.

What’s even more surprising is this mixtape’s release: Logic says that ‘No Pressure’ would be his retirement album, only to return and release an album under a completely new name, completely out of the blue. While “Logic” is still in retirement, Doctor Destruction puts out his debut project. The style of rapping that Logi- Doctor Destruction is embarking on throughout ‘Planetory Destruction’ is nothing new within the grand scheme of his discography. Logic has always taken an interest in concept albums about otherworldly and god-like characters, something obviously inspired by his love for comic books and video games, though ‘Planetory Destruction’ takes this interest to a new level. He consistently raps in this Doctor Destruction character, barely breaking the illusion. Across this album, Doctor Destruction is made out to be a sex-obsessed intergalactic villain of celestial power whose story is told through both Logic’s raps and the multitude of skits that can be found throughout the album. Doctor Destruction’s bars usually combine humor and storytelling to portray this newly developed persona, bars which are laid over Lo-Fi Boom-Bap beats that aren't too out of the norm for Logic, though are still nice to listen to and work well within the context of the album.

The features are a nice touch, Marc Rebillet kills the hook of ‘But-Ass-Naked', as do Ghostface, Punch, J Mars, and Del the Funky Homosapien with their respective verses. However, the MF DOOM influence is really obvious, and at some points, this isn't to the album's benefit. While it may be true that the album is an MF DOOM tribute, something that would make sense seeing the recent passing of Daniel Dumile, Logic has always embraced his influences a bit too hard at points on projects, and this album is no exception. The incessant use of skits to tell the story does feel a bit bargain bin MF DOOM, especially when a skit takes up the better part of a track leading to more of the story being told through the skits rather than Logic's raps at times. Logic's verses can also be a bit weak at a very few specific points, lacking in that captivating storytelling so much of the album's best moments pertain. However, I feel like a whole I would say that ‘Planetory Destruction’ is a commendable follow-up to ‘No Pressure’ despite it not completely sticking its landing and succumbing to the same debasement most Logic projects have in the past: Wearing his influences on hard on his sleeve. My only hope going forward is that Logic can escape the artistic slump he's found himself in with his musical endeavors, and him not being too motivated to continue rapping, because it truly feels like he's found a place where he's at the best he's been as an MC.

Favorite Tracks: Intro, Green Juices, Double Sample, Backstory, Back To The Basement, Outer Space Gang, But-Ass Naked, Ready Player Gun, Bounty Law

Worst Track: Planetory Destruction
Jan 22, 2021
Love this review!! :)
Jan 22, 2021
@Cry Thanks, you gonna come out with a review for this album?
Jan 22, 2021
@Chode Not quite sure yet, working on a review for 'Unbothered' by Lil Skies at the moment, but I may review it! :)
Jan 22, 2021
@Cry I'd love to see your thoughts of this album, hopefully you do review it!
Jan 22, 2021
great review mr monke, very reasonable take
Jan 22, 2021
@Rater Thank you Mr. Rater, it's very appreciated
Jan 22, 2021
wait. Thats logic? FR?!??!
Jan 22, 2021
Jan 22, 2021

Didn't this man retired?
Jan 22, 2021
@BYYWYBWY Supposedly, but I guess he's coming back under this new name or something. I'm guessing Logic wanted to continue rapping but didn't wanna continue under the Logic name, so he created a new name and pitch-shifted his vocals. This will probably be a one-time thing though.
Jan 23, 2021
the feature on "But-Ass-Naked" is Marc Rebillet
Jan 23, 2021
@femath42 Thanks for the clarification, I corrected it!
Jan 24, 2021
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