Kanye West - Graduation
Aug 15, 2021 (updated Aug 16, 2021)
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Graduation is pretty good 👍

Yeah, let’s get this out of the way first, ‘Graduation’ is the worst in Ye's “school” series. However, I think it’s also an incredibly important album for elevating Ye’s star power to unforeseen heights. Ye was already pretty popular, but ‘Graduation’ was just on another level of success. Right now, I just want you to look at the tracklist. ‘Stronger’, ‘Good Life’, ‘Flashing Lights’, ‘Homecoming’- these are songs I hear people still playing to this day. On Spotify, LR has 2 songs with 100 Million+ streams, TCD has 3… ‘Graduation’ has 7 and it’s only 13 tracks. This album is QUINTUPLE PLATINUM. I mean, it’s obvious that this would be more popular than LR and TCD, right? ‘Graduation’ appealed to a more commercial audience, which is both for the better and the worse.

‘Graduation’ has its wonderful moments, don’t get me wrong. ‘The Glory’, ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’, ‘Good Morning’, ‘Champion’, and ‘Flashing Lights’, which is my personal favorite Kanye song, are all top tier Kanye tracks, however, ‘Graduation' also feels a tad bit too trendy. There’s nothing wrong with going for a trendy release and appealing to what’s popular per se- however, with that, a complication comes up… ‘Graduation’ is kinda sorta dated in a lot of areas- unbearably so at some points. The “late 2000s pop-rap” aesthetic that Ye was appealing to has aged pretty poorly, something that is apparent with songs like ‘Good Life’ and ‘Barry Bonds’- they feel like poor products of the times. There’s also ‘Drunk and Hot Girls’ which is just… garbage- was also widely received as garbage when it was first released.

So yeah, ‘Graduation’ suffers from nothing more than being a hip-hop album from 2007- a product of the times. Not trying to make it out like it’s bad or anything, though. In fact, this record is probably the quintessential late 2000s pop-rap record. It's definitely withstood the test of time better than most of its contemporaries. Most of the material here is amazing- ‘Good Morning’ with its epic beat buildup that leads into one of the most “Kanye” verses Kanye has ever dropped, ‘Stronger’s iconic Daft Punk sample, the addition of a lot of synths to Kanye’s classic formula, the flamboyant verses on songs such as ‘Champion’ and ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’, and the stunning opulence of ‘Flashing Lights’… the bulk of this album is fantastic, I only give it a lot of shit because of how solid the other two in the school series were. Still, an incredibly solid late 2000s hip-hop album.

Favorite Tracks: Good Morning, Champion, Stronger, I Wonder, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Flashing Lights, The Glory, Homecoming, Big Brother

Worst Track: Drunk and Hot Girls

@rafae_l incorrect
I didn't like the auto tune on good life. I wonder transitioning to good life is weird.
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