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British Columbia, Canada
A music review YouTube channel that focuses primarily on electronic/EDM music.
My ratings are based on my personal enjoyment, no objectivity here. If you’re an american, bisexual, anxiety ridden, lonely boy like me, then you’ll love my nuanced opinions on Brockhampton and why I don’t need good grades to get into community college. MOM GET OUT OF MY ROOM IM WRITING REVIEWS FOR THE VIRGINITY WEBSITE!!!
· I try to write short reviews, and I mostly listen to anything rock/metal related. · Feel free to suggest me any albums, all of my social media is on this link below. Library = CD's
Hi, I'm Mike. I'm a huge rap/hip-hop fan, I do dive into other genres from time to time though. I'll probably only do 3 album reviews once a week. Feel free to follow or whatever if you want! :)
British person living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Music enthusiast/pessimist. Dancer to architecture.
Music communities make me lose so much interest in music when everyone around you wants you to love the same shit as them, that's why i'm taking a long break from music servers, forums and pages like this and RYM. I'll be constantly uploading some reviews but i'm not interested in anything else until further advice. So I'm Bill.
british land
Music is pretty cool
West Bengal, India
Music Composer & lyricist. Mad about music and movies. Currently studying BSc Agriculture in the prestigious Banaras Hindu University. Book Reviewer and blogger.
United Kingdom
Usually I just rate projects but I'll write the odd review when I'm in the mood to. Vinyl collection in Library 100 = Perfect 90 = Excellent 80 = Great 70 = Good 60 = Okay ... 50 = Mid 40 = Poor 30 = Bad 20 = Awful 10 = Atrocious 0 = Never listen again
pls be nice
Simply a teen with too much free time who spends it listening to music and worshipping the trash that I like (and bashing stuff that I hate) on this god forsaken website. Yeah my reviews are spotty and yeah maybe I only review stuff in the genres that I like but who cares?
straight outta sadness country, youknowwhatimean?
hey yo! privet from grustnaya motha rashka i'ma dancer, music fanatic and DJ in the future you can follow my activity here or in my IG
I'm Kevin "Pigeon" Montes, or in other words "everyone's a critic." *cue cricket noises. But in all seriousness, I'm just here to keep it real with my critiques of new releases and the world of cinema through my eyes. Instagram: PigeonMontes
Hage Hage is the only song
The singles account for RakkSmells so I don't clog up my ratings for that account. Y'know, I'm all about keeping things organized. It's also my excuse to make lazier reviews. Only occasionally will I do a full-on review on this account
Couldn't make music 'cause he sucks, but had opinions tho. For english reviews: you can find me on here as well:
The world's most tone-deaf music nerd. I'm new here, I don't think every album I listen to is a 10. She/her or they/them. Neurodivergent. Obsessed with statistics but still managed to fail my maths GCSE first time round.
i review only with good grades, even if i am not too interested in the album. if i think an album is horrible, i don't rate it. 70-80 normal; 80-85 good; 85-90 notable; 90-95 aoty material 95-100 perfection feel free to recommend
BTS existence is worth a 100
Cebu, Philippines
I have been a big AOTY user for couple of years now but this is my first time creating an actual account because I didn't realize how awesome their "RYM" feature is. Big dumb bitch moment right there. My favorite genres are dream pop, shoegaze, indie rock, techno, post-punk and art pop. I do wanna explore a bit of metal but for now I can only get into atmospheric/black metal. Looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us. I'm excited.
check out my lists, I have a fun time making them Rating system: 100-perfect, no flaws 99- near perfection, astounding 60-90-positive 50-indifferent 40-0-negative
I don't listen to shity albums because I don't need to
Ok, I'm new at this just trying
i listen to music religiously
Chicago, IL
pom pom
IG: angusvedder Pretty bad at reviewing but I love music so that's a bonus. 0-9 (Worst shit I've ever heard.) 10-19(Garbage) 20-29(This is horrible.) 30-39(This is really bad.) 40-49(This sucks.) 50-59(Not great) 60-69(Nothing too special.) 70-79(Pretty good/Great.) 80-89(Spectacular.) 90-99(Amazing.) 100(Masterpiece)
Wakefield UK
Personal project. Gonna try to review/rate x1 new album per week. Might throw some classic ones in if the mood takes me. Also a big fan of straight up, generic ranking lists so I’ll be working my way through a few of those.
doin' your mom
Singles account of ItsJustArcherr. Because why the hell not? My main AOTY account:
South Carolina
21 year old music fanatic + full-time nursing student Rating System: 100: Perfect / Flawless 99-90: Really Love It, Amazing 89-80: Love It, Great 79-75: Really Like It, Very good 74-70: Enjoyable, It's Good 69-65: Solid / Decent 64-60: Listenable / Okay 59-50: Meh / Indifferent 49-40: Below Average, Not Good 39-30: Mostly Bad, Incredibly Flawed 29-20: Poor, Terrible, Awful < 20 : Disgusting, Laughable, Waste of Time 0: Unlistenable / Physically Pains Me to Listen to This...
Woof woof Your beloved dog from Poland, trying to improve his language skills by doing what he loves most - listening to music Right now mainly classics Woof woof Library = not rated for some reason
6 feet under
Sao Paulo, Brazil
i like women and pretty things
yeah I'm an eminem fan, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper
Hey, I am internets laziest music nerd
hello world :)
Hi! I do big reviews on more popular albums on my YT channel, so I give some albums that miss the cut as mini-reviews on here! Have fun on here! <3
I Am A Music Fan Have been listening to more music and getting used to listening to many genres since 2017, I have been starting music reviews since 2019 and am really excited to start the new year packed with music reviews new reviews probably every day. I will also have a list of the best albums at the end of the year, like I have been doing for the past couple years. (Update: Thanks For 50 Followers You guys rock)
Tbilisi, Georgia
I just talked to Yeezus He said what up Jesus

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