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100: masterpiece 90-99: a favorite, will definitely return to 80-89: very good throughout and would recommend 70-79: solid overall 60-69: good but nothing too special 50-59: positives just outweigh negatives 40-49: mostly sub-par 30-39: bad throughout 20-29: avoid at all costs 10-19: unlistenable 0-9: I've lost my faith in music as an art form
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Hey everyone, Real Weasel here. Resident 17 year old Plants vs. Zombies fanboy (he/him). Loves Quavo, Juice WRLD, and BTS. Despises conservatives, AJR, and BTS. Reviews every other day at around 10 PM EST. I don't mind a little self-promotion, if you made something and want to leave it in my Shoutbox you can go right ahead. I don't take standard requests though, don't ask me to review... fucking NF, please. Favorite Song of the Day: Don Toliver, Clap
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Listening to music in a room full of cats is one of my biggest dreams. It's not true that cats don't love, only dog owners say that, cats show love in a completely different way, which in my opinion is beautiful and wonderful. Cats are ideal for people with their character. They smell wonderful of hay and my cat smells like a cloth I used to smell when I was little and now I can remember my whole childhood with one smell. Cats and music are the things that give life its purpose.
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I dislike trap and rnb
Saudi Arabia

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So... what now?
Somewhere in Europe
I love to discover new music. MY SCORES: 100 - flawless 95 - masterwork 90 - Amazing 85 - very great 80- great 75 - very good 70 - good 65 - ok / decent 60 - meh 50 - bad 40 - horrible 30 - not even music
Hi I'm Liam I like new music 92-95-100 - Albums of the Year, instant classics, the best stuff, *chefs kiss*. 85-88 - Really great, will be talking about these for years to come. 78-82 - Consistently really nice from front to back, no low points and some high highs. 72-75 - Worth recommending, not everything hits but enough does to leave a positive impression. 62-65-68 - Stuff with good potential or a nice vibe, but not much else. 52-55-58 - Probably not my thing. 0-50 - I don't like it.
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Fricker who listens to too much pop music. My favorite genres are synth pop, indie pop, indietronica, glitch pop, pop rock, emo, pop punk, wonky, hip hop, ambient, metalcore, noise pop, and post-hardcore. My scores are mostly based off pure enjoyment. Singles are rated in intervals of five.
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I jumped into a meat grinder. Go follow GeMann. He is my favorite reviewman
22 I like video games & music
all of my ratings should be considered as fact and not to be contended or disagreed with under any circumstances i dont write good reviews i just like having something to say
16 Year Old from London who loves Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell and Angel Olsen and is incredibly bad at writing reviews but tries when I feel I have something to say. Sometimes I get to listen to things early with Listening Links from the Label for working in a Record Shop so I review them early, but I RARELY listen to leaks.
Tokyo, Japan
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈxπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ I write reviews that nobody reads. English isn't my first language so I'll do my best describing my thoughts on projects. Appreciate it if you guys read my stuff.
Just wanting to share shit that I like, including everything that's kinda overrated
I like dogs and music. No self promo in my shoutbox cause das annoying
Bruh LeBron James *Fart Sound Effect*
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account of: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
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(A.K.A. Valentino) PipePanic protΓ©gΓ©.... I'm living my best life LAST.FM:
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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γ€Ž 15 ~ NC 』 ✯ Thank y'all so much for 300+ followers! ✯ ✩ Talk to me on Discord! Matthew#9209 ✩ ✯ Discord server link under the bio! ✯ ❈ Taking music suggestions in my shout box! (Self promotion allowed as well) ❈ ―――――――――――― γ€Ž Grading Scale 』 100 = Perfection 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Alright 50-59 = Average 40-49 = Poor 30-39 = Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Atrocious 0-9 = Horrendous
Writer for AboveTheBridge, this is my casual review account. honestly my ratings mad inconsistent so don't believe anything I say, the only certain is that Punisher is a 10.
I give a lot of 100s. You'll mostly see Post-Punk and Indie Rock reviews on this account. I'm not a native speaker, so excuse my orthographic errors. 90 - 100 = I LOVE IT 80 - 89 = Really enjoyable 70 - 79 = Good 60 - 69 = Mediocre with decent moments 50 - 59 = Mediocre 40 - 49 = Bad with redeeming qualities 0 - 39 = Bad / Absolutely bad Currently: Re-reviewing a lot of my older reviews, they were kinda bad
Os alquimistas estΓ£o chegando
Warsaw, Poland
fav genres: Ambient, Jazz, Prog-Electronic, Rap, Rock and Metal. note: I believe that big amount of features on a record is a disadvantage everything 50 and above is some kind of good, everything below 50 is not good.
Vancouver, BC
Music enjoyer, video gamer, philosopher, child genius, master of physics, music theorist. Projects with a score over 50 I consider "positive" (Of varying degrees.) Although the ratings are mainly based off my enjoyability of the album, they do not directly reflect my rankings for personal favorites. I feel that on occasion, an album deserves a certain score. I review music as I see fit. Mostly just random projects that I want to chip in on.
Caxias do Sul, Brasil
19y old brazilian guy who likes good music and pretends to be someone important. My reviews are short cuz my english is not that good, but you must believe is from the heart! 10 - S Tier 9 - A Tier 8 - B Tier 6-7 - C Tier 4-5 - D Tier 2-3 - E Tier 0-1 - F Tier i'm a visual artist, follow me on instagram :)
He/him Currently on a mission to listen to more old music My rating system is bad 90> - Basically perfect 85-90 - Incredible 80-85 - Extremely good 75-80 - Good 70-75 - Decent 60-69 - Either good but not my type of music or a mostly bad album with a song or two that saved it Below 60 - avoid it like the plague Will I ever actually write a review? Time will tell, but also no.
Akita Basement help fcuk
Cross-posting from RYM for the people on here, Here's the original list in better formatting, if you're curious at seeing it all lined up in a more cohesive fashion: I do NOT review Kanye West 😭 He/Him
not to be taken seriously, mostly rate based on my enjoyment
My real name is Adrian Roberts, I live in Ohio and I have a big love for good music, I HATE BAD MUSIC THOUGH! 100-0 My Thoughts Every album i rate over an 90, I have it on vinyl or plan to get it.
kahoot is up, information is in bio/pinned review
Check out the pinned review for Kahoot information, tl;dr: - Use your AOTY username (not display name), and if it's too long, comment/shout with the name you're using in-game. - The Kahoot will be up until 7AM GMT on Nov 1, and the winner will be announced sometime that day. Kahoot link: And, finally, when you’re done, please fill out this form: Thank you!
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I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
24.Enjoying music
whip it like a asscar
I take myself VERY SERIOUSLY. I am a LEGITIMATE MUSIC CRITIC AND JOURNALIST. If you don't view my WELL THOUGHT-OUT CRITIQUES to be as serious as they truly are, then I am simply a HIGHER BEING than you. library is me full physical collection dawg feel free to shoot me a shout and we can chat
Brooklyn, NY
Stylist with a budding music fetish. Hip hop head at heart tho. Guitars gimme eargasms always. Basslines make my eyes close. Synths electrify my body. Drums make my head bob. Keys touch my soul.
just here for fun. ratings may change in the future. music memes and reviews on my insta: @hyperballad.innuendo
Ronat, Temeswar
Music lover from Romania. Also a weeb and kind off a shitposter. I hate RateYourMusic so much its unreal. If for some reason you want to interact with me you can here: Instagram: MyAnimeList: Steam: Maybe I will make it more detailed.
Writer, movie fanatic, listener of music. 100: All-time favs 90-99: Fantastic 80-89: Really Great 70-79: Really Good 60-69: Fine 50-59: Mixed 40-49: Poor 30-39: Bad 20-29: Really Really Bad 10-19: Absolutely Horible 0-9: Worst of all time

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