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hi my name is solace or may whatever u like better hhh !!! + queer 🏳️‍🌈 {nb they/them, 19} + i suck at reviewing so dont expect much lol,,,,also i still dont know how 2 use dis site @[email protected]
Sydney, Australia
Best Tracks are 70+ Stand Outs are 90+ Hey, i just like feeling like my pfp
I like music
Oh. My. God. 1000.
I'm Caleb and I'm a stupid high school freshman doing networking with nothing better to do in my free time than listen to music and praise the garbage music I like. I have a serious early 2000's pop punk addiction. friend me on discord Cakenator#6520 100: personal favorites 90-99: masterpiece 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: ok 50-59: meh 40-49: pretty bad 30-39: really bad 20-29: absolute garbage 10-19: unlistenable 1-9: ajr 0: onision
(I am still transferring my ratings from RYM to aoty. that will take a ton of time) I hate music.
Riding an Alpaca
Hi! I'm apacchi, an alpacchino. [Rating] Major: 100 -> Classic Masterpiece 99-90 -> Masterpiece 89-80 -> Great 79-70 -> Good 69-60 -> meh 59-50 -> Tolerable 49-40 -> Bad 39-30 -> Questionable 29-20 -> Terrible 19-1 -> Soul Sucking 0 -> Angelic 2 The Core BB Minor: 0-3 - Soft 4-6 - Normal 7-9 - Strong I usually listen to albums that are recommended, or are critically acclaimed, so my ratings will most likely be positive.
i have a system. it is complicated but anything 95+ is basically an album to bury me with
quick scores have no review, end in 0 or 5, usually decided after like 2 listens regular scores have a review, any number from 0 to 100, calculated after multiple listens
if you wanna know anything bout me ask me. I listen to hip-hip, fav rappers: Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube and Kanye West.
probably beating the shit outta @BananaFaygo 9-4
I like music in general and I like listening to music. While I might seem negative I’m usually pretty generous with my scores. 100 - Absolute masterpiece 99-90 - Really amazing 89-80 - Pretty great 79-70 - Solid 69-60 - Fine 59-50 - Mediocre 49-40 - Bad 39-30 - Terrible 29-20 - Atrocious 19-10 - Painfully awful 9-0 - Beyond words Anyways enjoy and remember trans rights are human rights.
I like music
❦ lu / 17 / he him / black ❦ instagram: @szaluve (for reference) 50 or less, i didn’t like 70 or less, i enjoyed a bit 90 or less, it’s amazing 90 or more, it’s a masterpiece
Littleton, CO
Ellis Schaefers
Follow my YouTube channel for more reviews.
Denver, Colorado

man of God... …Says a XXXTENTACION STAN?? THE IRONY LMAOOO YOUR FAV LITERALLY MAKES THE MOST TRASHY MUSIC LIKE EVER Try again. WORST TO BEST I: NINE INCH NAILS: 16 meat/cheese member of the protestant christian bruddahs internet addiction survivor (Jul. 2018 - Mar. 2019) "none of us would be here without cum" (cum lives matter) (shitpiss music FTB) /
This was bound to happen
I’m the one user with the random letter name, but I rate singles on this account. I rate in increments of 10 Main Account:
bland music critic add my discord if u wanna R😩BIN#7950
i need to stop rating albums with a 100........but i cant
frail, state of mind
whats the vibe? I wouldn't know I im usually in bed at this time
yeah, i listen to (vocal and/or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion)
Zürich, Switzerland
100: literally PERFECT score 90-95: excellent 80-85: great 70-75: very good 60-65: good 50-55: decent/mid 40-45: bad 30-35: worse 20-25: really really bad 10-15: terribly bad 0-5: MY F*CKING EARS ARE BLEEDING!
hrrrng music
Hearthome Gym
A fragment of soul-splitting chaos and pure evil. I don’t review negatively much anymore. RYM - basic_garci 9.5+ = 10/10 He/They
Kanye's 4th Shed
Drake Is Almighty and NWTS is the bible 100- All time favorites (and pitbull) 90-99- Fantastic 80-89-Very little mistakes 70-79-Great 60-69-Good 50-59-Mid 40-49-Listenable, but not for me 30-39-Nah son 20-29-Not good 10-19-Bad 0-9- Turn this shit off
he/they, 13. i like music (wow). my name is andris "You owe nothing to the past but wasted time To serve a sentence that was only in your mind" - Beck 100: masterpiece 90: close to perfect 80: really good 70-60: decent 50-40: mid 30-20: mediocre 10: kinda unlistenbale 0: abysmal
Recommend me some 4/10 albums! Need to even out the curve! Library = Most of my vinyl collection - full list here: All ratings are /10 - /100 is daunting (maybe I should do halves 🤔) 21 / UK / Doesn't listen to enough different music / I overspend on vinyl but Wii Move™️
Amman, Jordan
Welcome to my profile! My Ratings: 100 - A Masterpiece 90-99 - Love it and obsessed with it 80-89 - Fantastic and enjoyable 70-79 - Really Good and unique 60-69 - Really Good but heard better/Mediocre 50-59 - Good but not interesting or appealing 40-49 - Becomes boring/generic sometimes 30-39 - Boring/generic 20-29 - Its stupid 10-19 - Soundcloud artists are better than this 0-9 - Why does this thing even exists?
United Kingdom
he/him 80+: favourites 70: great 60: good 50: decent 40: meh 0-30: bad
Brazil, thanks for 400 followers
(He/Him) I'm just a guy showing his musical opinions I am not great in making reviews but I try to give my best in them Majority of my reviews are in portuguese but I'll try to do some english reviews too
Mars planet
just some random human trash who thinks radio pop is good asf
check out albums in library!! <3
i play games and listen to music.
Micah Zacharias
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I'm a twenty-something Canadian guy who loves new release music. I tend to favour alternative/indie rock and pop, R&B, singer-songwriter, and folk genres. I use a scale of 100 to evaluate albums, with specific metrics including artistry, musicality, lyrics, impact, project definition, artist vision, and replay value to arrive at my final scores. Additionally, I curate unique and up to date playlists on Spotify that are publicly available!

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