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Fantano's Number 1 stalker
hi my name is solace or may whatever u like better hhh !!! + queer 🏳️‍🌈 {nb they/them, 19} + i suck at reviewing so dont expect much lol,,,,also i still dont know how 2 use dis site @[email protected]
(I am still transferring my ratings from RYM to aoty. that will take a ton of time) I hate music.
if you wanna know anything bout me ask me. I listen to hip-hip, fav rappers: Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube and Kanye West.
Brasil //// thx for the 80 followers :)
he/him • 17yo i’m just here to share my opinions with someone and find out what has been talked about the artists i usually listen to. if i like k-pop? yes i do, so don’t be mad at my high ratings for the genre sometimes :) I'M NOT FLUENT, MY ENGLISH SUCKS ➪ 0-29 = trashy ➪ 30-49 = mediocre ➪ 50-59 = well, questionable... ➪ 60-69 = okay, not that bad ➪ 70-79 = good / great ➪ 80-89 = incredibly good ➪ 90-99 = amazing ➪ 100 = masterpiece
man of God... …Says a XXXTENTACION STAN?? THE IRONY LMAOOO YOUR FAV LITERALLY MAKES THE MOST TRASHY MUSIC LIKE EVER Try again. WORST TO BEST I: NINE INCH NAILS: 16 meat/cheese member of the protestant christian bruddahs internet addiction survivor (Jul. 2018 - Mar. 2019) "none of us would be here without cum" (cum lives matter) (shitpiss music FTB) /
This was bound to happen
I’m the one user with the random letter name, but I rate singles on this account. I rate in increments of 10 Main Account:
Upstate NY loser in love with all things musical and anime I don't like giving 100's unless it's a joke. The idea of perfection just isn't feasible, even if you qualify it with what the album tries to achieve or if every song, lyric, and detail is of the highest quality. I also only rate in 0's & 5's. Idk, seems a lot cleaner to me.
yeah, i listen to (vocal and/or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion)
Athens, France
I've just started doing reviews, i'm going through artists discographys that i found interesting. Right now, my bloody valentine!
Micah Zacharias
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I'm a twenty-something Canadian guy who loves new release music. I tend to favour alternative/indie rock and pop, R&B, singer-songwriter, and folk genres. I use a scale of 100 to evaluate albums, with specific metrics including artistry, musicality, lyrics, impact, project definition, artist vision, and replay value to arrive at my final scores. Additionally, I curate unique and up to date playlists on Spotify that are publicly available!
Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium
Hi, this is Florent from Kapelle op den Bos,Belgium. Mostly Prog Rock, Post Rock & related (but quite eclectic though) Rating : 100 --> Legendary 90-99 --> Perfect 80-89 --> Excellent 70-79 --> Very Good 60-69 --> Good 50-59 --> Pleasant 40-49 --> Average 30-39 --> Deceiving 20-29 --> Not my style 10-19 --> Not my style at all
Cole Harbour NS, Canada
100 - Kendrick Lamar or tribe 90-99 - fucking incredible 80-89 - great 70-79 - pretty good 60-69 - has some stinkers 50-59 - disappointing 20-49 - uuhhhhhhhh 11-19 - wtf were you thinking 0- 10 - nav
blasting music in my bedroom
thank you so much for 100 <3 ~ he/him ~ (but any are fine) Hi! Welcome to my page! My ratings are subject to change because I'm super indecisive. Feel free to shout me if you wanna recommend something or just talk. I'll get discord soon! rating system: 100: masterpiece 90-99: exceptional 80-89: amazing 70-79: good/great 60-69: okay 50-59: impartial 40-49: mediocre 30-39: bad 20-29: awful 10-19: dreadful 0-9: intolerable
Fantano's scores out of 100 based on the strongs and decents and shit Example: if an album is 7/10, then the score out of 100 would be one of these STRONG 7 to light 8 (79) STRONG 7 (78) STRONG 7 to decent (77) DECENT 7 to strong (76) DECENT 7 (75) DECENT 7 to light (74) LIGHT 7 to decent (73) LIGHT 7 (72) strong 6 to a LIGHT 7 (71 or 70)
singles account
shotta flow list out now
february 17 2022 my true identity reveal
New score system: 30 and lower: Objectively bad 40s: I don't care for it 50s: Forgettable with few highlights 60s: Kinda enjoyable 70s: Fun/creative 80s: Great in spite of its faults 90s: Extremely good 100: All-time favorites
United States
He/him or he/they. 1/2 of LUCY.
Musicarum Meretrix
Around the world, around the world
Some random woman on the internet sharing her dumb opinions on music. You can call me "Trix" as an easier way to refer to me. If you're wondering, my profile picture is a portrait of Bea Santello by Scappo. If you're also wondering, my username is Latin for "music whore" or "whore for music". Tacky as hell, I know, but I really don't give a fuck hahaha
damn it my user name was a typo, call me typo man anyways i mainly review hip hop, but i’m trying to get out my comfort zone as of recent. can anyone recommend me some more artists? i half ass reviews and confuse them
Space Vacation
I live in Space.
Pinball Gizzard
I really do be vibin tho / I may be wrong but I'm not lying
trying to just listen some good music
I'm In Your Mind Fuzz
I'm here because a friend (LuckLoose) told me it'd be cool. I don't do follow for follow unless I know you personally. JOYCONBOYZ4LIFE I should clarify this, anything that has a 50 or above is an okay from me!
20. I'm obviously not a professional music critic, so my reviews will be more about how albums make me feel rather than judging the music itself, but I'll do it when I feel like it.
BROCKHAMPTON album reviews in new list!
Thank you for 180+ followers! 😊 Music as a personal endeavour. Passion not pass-time :) Hope you enjoy my reviews! Rating System (using cumulative scores): 100: All-Time Favs 90 - 99: Absolutely Loved/Masterpiece!!! 80 - 89: Loved! 70 - 79: Liked 60 - 69: Decent 52 - 59: Okay 50: Indifferent <50: Not for me :( Continue loving whatever music you love. Have a great day!
Shithole, Scotland
I'll tend to rate an album after first impression then from there let that rating evolve as I listen to the album more. I wont review an album until I'm happy that my rating is pretty much settled in its final destination, however long that may take lol! 97+ = All time fav 90-96 = Classic 86-89 = I Love 83-85 = I Like a LOT 79-82 = I Like 73-78 = Pretty good 67-72 = Decent 60-66 = Fine 50-59 = Not for me 40-49 = Not BAD but annoying 30-39 = Shit 20-29 = Utterly shit 0-19 = Varyingly Intolerable
my name is not jack. I can change my rating system sometimes. 100 - Masterpiece 90-99 - Marvellous 80-89 - Great 70-79 - Good 60-69 - Acceptable 50-59 - Uhhh... 40-49 - Bad 30-39 - Very Bad 20-29 - Horrific 10-19 - Freak 0-9 - Cry PS: my reviews are very short sometimes. 😉
My name is de’andre and i gotta basketball game tomorrow
your mom's house number one drone metal fan raw black connoisseur death doom > death fuck nsbm
Hola me llamo Reynaldo y tengo 17 años, soy fan de la música desde hace mucho tiempo pero la cuarentena me hizo meterme aún mas a este mundo y ahora me creo crítico musical jaja. Espero compartir y debatir sobre opiniones musicales en esta comunidad y pasar un buen rato (: 100: A FUCKING MASTERPIECE 95-99: Excellent, Brilliant, Fantastic, Exceptional, Etc 90-94: Amazing, a classic 80-89: Great, So Good 70-79: Good 60-69: Not at good, but not bad, i enjoy 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Bad 1-39: Trash
I'm pretty me you know
Hi, I'm new here! Currently in the process of adding every album I've ever listened to. Letterboxd:
Listening to at least one project (LP, EP, Mixtape, etc.) a day, everyday of 2021. 100 - Masterpiece 90s - Amazing 80s - Great 70s - Good 60s - OK 50s - Meh 40s - Forgettable 30s - Bad 20s - Very Bad 10s - Awful 0s - What were you thinking??
Hearthome Gym
A fragment of soul-splitting chaos and pure evil. I don’t review negatively much anymore. RYM - basic_garci 9.5+ = 10/10 He/They
hi, i’m Pedro (Peter in english). i’m from Brazil and i love music, from hiphop to alternative pop, my music taste isn’t quite clear. hope you find something interesting here, even to disagree with i analyze an album by a method that sees 1) the singles average; 2) the theme of the project, the lyrical content, is it cohesive?; 3) originality of it. sounds like everyone else? it’s groundbreaking?; and then i come to a number
i like music. maybe not the best music, but i enjoy it
Chris Coltrane
For my records
Music am i right?
currently enjoying something
It's a simple question, and I'm here to answer it. My reviews simply reflect how much I liked the album, quality plays no part in the score. You could post a single of yourself sharting and I could give it a 10. As long as it's an entertaining shart. Also, I ditched the "Did I enjoy it?" question, I never really liked how made the sentence flow.
Nottingham (Yes where Robin Hood lived)
Ice Bear likes music. Anything I own on vinyl is by default a 100. I don't tend to listen to things I don't expect to enjoy at least to some degree. 100 - Perfect / Owned on vinyl 95-99 - Became soundtrack to my existence 90-94 - Fantastic 80-89 - Great but flawed 70-79 - Enjoyed 60-69 - Nice. 50-59 - Some good, might grow 40-49 - Had promise, fell short 30-39 - Not a fan 20-29 - Bad 10-19 - Bad and uninspired 0-9 - I wish it were an hour ago when I hadn't heard this
The Hip Hop Alley
An avid hip hop listener, you love hip hop? Follow me.
Weezer Enthusiast Still learning how this website works Constantly updating reviews cause I made some grammar error that I didn’t notice 10-Masterpiece with personal long lasting impact 9.5-Masterpiece (or flawed but has impact on me) 9 amazing 8/8.5 great 7/7.5 good 6/6.5 decent 5/5.5 average 4/4.5 below average 3/3.5 listenable 2/2.5 bad 1/1.5 very bad 0/0.5 horrible If I don’t like an album you consider a masterpiece it’s usually just not my thing, its not objectively bad
chris cringe
hi there, im an autistic teenager and i spend way too much fucking time listening to music. ill listen to pretty much anything, except death metal. idk why, i just really cant stand death metal rating spectrum: 100 = perfect/near perfect 90-99 = awesome 80-89 = great 70-79 = pretty good 60-69 = decent 50-59 = meh 40-49 = kinda bad 30-39 = pretty bad 20-29 = really bad 10-19 = terrible 0-9 = yikes favorite genres: pop rock/punk, synthpop, dance/electronic, house, trance, r&b, alternative
She/her. Very closeted queer tans girl irl who really likes pop music. Follow me for awful opinions and bad jokes. fyi- I 100s aren't that hard to get for me on songs, but they're exceptionally hard to get from me on albums. 100: perfect or beyond perfect 95-99: near perfect 90-94: phenomenal 85-89: awesome 80-84: great 75-79: very good 70-74: good 65-69: solid 60-64: decent 55-59: alright 50-54: meh 40-49: below average 30-39: pretty bad 20-29: awful 10-19: offensive 0-9: NO.
A casual user of this website that made this account just so he feels encouraged to discover new music and pretend that other people care about his opinion on it. 100- mastapiece 90-99- amazing :D 80-89- great 70-79- good 65-69- good-ish 60-64- ok 49-59- meh 40-48- bad 20-39- awful 10-19- painful 5-9- really fucking painful 0-4- ear genocide D:
Les Aventures de Pepé Le Pew
childhood bedroom, sad
Pepé Le Pew did nothing wrong. Living at home, balancing: reading biographies of Caesar & Napoleon, watching Pinky & the Brain on Hulu, lifting weights in my mom's basement, online university, drinking Ultra Zero White Monster, trading crypto, listening to drill, resisting the urge to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. I won’t be the next victim of that cruel pornography. Working towards 50 Cent's body on the Get Rich or Die Tryin' cover, while looking like Colin Farrell.
all reviews are /10, like how do i differentiate between a 73 vs 74? 100 = god tier (one of my favorite albums) 90 = masterpiece 80 = thoroughly enjoyable 70 = pretty good 60 = decent 50 = meh/average 40 = not good 30 = pretty bad 20 = gross 10 = atrocious 0 = reserved for true abominations
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